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Link Buying: The Unadulterated Truth
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There’s no denying that the number of inbound links is one of the most critical elements to optimizing a site to rank well in search. The methods employed in obtaining those links, however, is a platform for both ethical and practical debate. With all factors considered, is buying links a good idea?

How Long Can E-Commerce Growth Last?

In 2006, spending online increased by twenty four percent, a sizable margin to be sure. The numbers for online retail keep climbing, but do the signs point to a plateau somewhere in the near future? Or will the growth of online spending continue to skyrocket at this fast pace?

Apple Inc, Apple Corps Reach Agreement

The exclusion of The Beatles’ expansive library from iTunes has been a thorn in the side of Apple Inc. ever since the launch of the digital music marketplace. Today, the two companies bearing the moniker of “Apple” reached a settlement that could open the door for John, Paul, George, and Ringo to make their way online.

India Unhappy With Google Earth

The popular Google Earth application has drawn scrutiny in India due to the striking accuracy of the satellite footage provided to its users. At the country’s request, Google will blur the locations of key government offices, implementing other camouflaging strategies as well.

Yahoo: The Social Search Engine?

There’s no denying that Google is far and away the most visited search engine on the Internet, eclipsing Yahoo in terms of user base by quite a significant margin. Is it possible that Yahoo could make up some of that ground by leveraging itself as a niche search portal, specializing in social search?

Princeton Signs On With Google Library Project

The list of libraries, foreign and domestic, that have agreed to take part in Google’s Library Project is slowly but surely continuing to grow. Book searching with Google will now carry a touch of Ivy League sophistication as Princeton has agreed to take part in the efforts of the search company to digitize book content.

Google Waxes Poetic On Click Quality

Invalid clicks have been a concern in online advertising for years upon end. As part of Google’s search marketing services, the company has formed a Click Quality Team to answer questions and address potential and existing concerns surrounding click fraud.

ComScore & New Social Media Metrics

Statistical data has been the driving force in determining audience size, time on site, ad clicks, page views and any other element that could possibly be tracked. These metrics, however, have proven to be inconsistent at best as the way websites, especially social media sites, are developed, implemented and consumed has evolved.

Quality Score Hints From Yahoo

With the recent launch of the Panama platform, Yahoo is working to educate its advertising partners on new ways that ads will be ranked. Beginning February 5th, Yahoo will begin employing a ranking model basic on quality score, which will be calculated based on a number of factors.

User-Generated Content In Mainstream Media?

Content sharing sites such as YouTube have become effective platforms for many aspiring performers to showcase their talents to the world. It seems that now mainstream journalism is beginning to embrace the cultural phenomenon of user-generated content as the next step in the evolution of mainstream media.

Google Adds Video Sharing To Orkut

Ever since Google’s widely publicized acquisition of YouTube, video enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit to see how the search giant would integrate the video-sharing site into the framework of its proprietary services. It appears that Google has chosen Orkut for its first YouTube mashup.

Digg Will Bury Top Users Feature

As the popularity of Digg has grown through the social media landscape, so have the efforts of those looking to game the system. Digg founder Kevin Rose addressed this controversial issue in his latest blog post.

RIAA Countersued, Plot Thickens

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been relentless in its pursuit of those individuals found to be taking part in peer-to-peer music sharing. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by the RIAA, most of which are settled out of court for an arbitrary fee.

Microsoft To Counter Apple With Zune Phone?

The buzz surrounding the announcement of Apple’s iPhone has reached feverish proportions throughout the blogosphere in recent weeks. Not wanting to be left out of the smartphone party, rumors are now circulating that Microsoft is working on plans to develop its own Zune branded cellular phone.

Google Aggressive In N.C. Negotiations

Google recently announced plans to open a brand new server facility in North Carolina, a move expected to inject new life into the local and regional economy. The company’s negotiating tactics, however, are now coming under scrutiny as state documents from the proceedings are now becoming available.

Yahoo Explores Brand Universes

When you look at the most popular launching points for Internet uses, Yahoo ranks right at the top of the list. As an informational portal, the site has carved out a niche that puts it second only to MySpace in terms of how much time users spend perusing Yahoo’s various offerings.

Yahoo Has More Staying Power Than Google

Much criticism has been heaped upon Yahoo as the company continues to lag far behind Google in terms of search market share. Those critics, however, might be surprised to find out that Yahoo users actually spend more time on site than those who frequent Google’s online offerings.

Virtual Property Auctions Nixed By eBay
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Since the dawn of EverQuest, the godfather of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), companies have turned a tidy profit from selling virtual items and currency that only exist within the game in exchange for real life cash.

U.S. Government Seizes Yahoo User Records

The United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) department issued a warrant last week for a particular user’s information in connection with a series of money laundering scams.

Wikipedia Goes On Trial?

Professors at most major universities frown upon research papers that cite Wikipedia as a resource, given the socially driven nature of the site. The United States judicial system, however, seems to believe that using Wikipedia as a reference in court rulings is a good idea.

Google To Create Its Own Virtual World?

Google Earth has become a very popular application among users wanting to explore various parts of the glob via satellite imagery. Rumors are now circulation that Google is looking to take its technology a step further and implement facets of Google Earth in a project aimed a creating a virtual environment, much like that of Second Life.

Amazon Launches Amapedia
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Integrating user-generated submissions with existing content is one of the hottest new trends these days, mostly thanks to the success of Wikipedia. Now Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon with its launch of Amapedia; a wiki intended to serve as a companion to its extensive product catalog.

Record Labels Balk At Ad-Driven Downloads
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Earlier this week, Baidu announced a partnership with EMI to bring streaming music to Chinese users by implementing an advertising supported free digital music network. There are other companies eager to take this sort of approach, but the major record labels are reluctant to embrace such practices.

Wikipedia, YouTube Become Top Brands

For the second straight year, Google tops the list of worldwide brands in BrandChannel’s annual survey. The surprise, however, is the surging popularity of YouTube and Wikipedia, with both claiming spots in the top 5 rankings for the first time.