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Reports are surfacing throughout the blogosphere concerning the ever-growing recesses of Google’s supplemental results. Now more than ever, sites that were once highly ranked in the main index are beginning to find themselves in the confines of the supplemental index.

Some have likened Google’s supplemental index to a virtual refuse pile, an online prison where all sorts of outdated web content are doomed to a fate of obscurity for all time.

Time, TV Guide To Offer Online Video

On Monday, Time and TV Guide will separately announce partnerships with Brightcove, a prominent online video distributor, aimed a developing proprietary platform to offer video content to subscribers of both magazines.

One of the Time’s primary goals is to significantly boost the video content on Time.com and eventually for its other publications, which include Fortune, Money, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

Universal Continues Push For Video Royalties

Last November, Universal Music Group sued Bolt.com alleging various instances of copyright infringement. It appears that the two sides are nearing a settlement agreement that will see Bolt hand over several million dollars in damages as well as agree to pay future royalties on uploaded content that contains music from Universal Artists.

Pirates of the Googleplex?

Fans have flocked by the millions to theatres worldwide to take in the first two installments of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. While Captain Jack Sparrow is enjoying the spotlight, however, the film studios are turning their attention and ire toward pirates of another sort.

EMI Considers Pulling the Plug on DRM

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter in which he criticized the major record labels for demanding stringent copy-protection technology that limits the flexibility of the music to be played across different device platforms.

Representatives from Warner have rebuffed Jobs’ assertion that the elimination of DRM would bolster the online music market, citing potential privacy concerns.

EMI, however, is rumored to be looking at ways to unlock the DRM on its musical catalogue.

Zune Phone Confirmed, Could Launch Before iPhone

Last week, Engadget reported that sources close to Microsoft had passed along information about a Zune-based competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Following up on those reports, CrunchGear goes on to say today that the Zune phone is not just a rumor and is confirmed for a 2007 release.

Google, dMarc Founders Part Ways

Usually when we talk about Google and personnel, it’s to report that the company has hired yet another big name, and it’s more than likely a major defection from a rival company.

Yahoo Sheds More Light On Quality Score

Last week, Yahoo launched its new Panama search platform amidst much buzz throughout the blogosphere. As part of the new model, Yahoo will be implementing a scoring system to determine ad quality, which will in turn have an influence on bid prices for keywords.

We’re less than two weeks into Panama, and already Yahoo has been more forthcoming with information concerning its quality score calculation that Google was within the first two months.

Cisco Expands Its Social Circle

When you think of Cisco, the company’s prowess in networking and IP technology immediately comes to mind. With today’s announcement, however, it appears that Cisco is branching out into a different kind of networking, the kind geared toward people rather than machines.

Cisco has announced an agreement acquire Five Across, a San Francisco based social networking software company. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but Cisco hopes to complete the purchase by the end of its fiscal third quarter.

Russian Schools Consider Switch to Linux

Earlier this week, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sent forth a public plea to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates concerning the prosecution of a Russian man charged with installing pirated copies of Windows on his classroom’s computers.

Microsoft has declined to drop the charges against the teacher, and the move has the county’s educational system reconsidering its choice of operating systems.

Consequently, it looks like Windows is will lose out to Linux in another market.

In a Vista World, I’m Dreaming of Gubuntu
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The blogosphere has been singing both positive and negative tunes about Microsoft’s latest offering in its long line of operating systems. Vista has been the talk of the town as of late, but there are still some of us who envision a world where more than one platform can thrive in the OS marketplace.

Media Multitasking Impacts Marketing Strategy

Consumers are constantly flooded with content from all different sorts of channels. Rather than picking and choosing particular methods of consumption, however, many choose to multitask between outlets, which can ultimately decrease the effectiveness of each one.

Estimates suggest that 25%-30% of total media time is spent multitasking content. While media multitasking is seemingly a common sense concept, it actually can have a significant impact on the ability to absorb and remember content, including marketing messages.

Social Media Optimization: The Backlash
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The SEO industry walks the proverbial tight rope every day, offering legitimate services to clients that can help them interact better with search engines, while at the same time dodging the stigma that SEO is merely spam tactics cleverly disguised using smoke and mirrors.

The reason that search engine optimization is garnering a negative reputation, however, may actually have more to do with shady social media optimization practices than anything else.

ACLU Criticizes San Francisco Wi-Fi Deal

The American Civil Liberties Union has made a name for itself by lobbying for the rights of women, minorities, and other civil groups that have been unfairly or illegally targeted by discriminatory or oppressive actions.

It looks like the ACLU is branching out into new territory. The organization is broadening its horizons from the political arena, stepping into the digital realm with its latest commentary on the citywide Wi-Fi network in the words for San Francisco.

Social Networking Continues Mobile Push

Vodafone and MySpace announced a deal today to provide social networking services to European customers for the first time. This move is representative of a continued push into the mobile marketplace by social networking services, along with their advertising partners.

Yahoo Launches Another Brand Universe

In the latest of its efforts in social branding, Yahoo has announced a partnership agreement with Pontiac to develop an online hub geared specifically to the community of enthusiasts supporting the automobile manufacturer

Microsoft Shares Online Gaming Wealth

Microsoft has announced plans to share a percentage of in-game advertising revenue from MSN Games with its casual game developers. Developers of web-based titles found on MSN Games will be eligible to take advantage of the new Ad-Share Program.

Funds will accrue monthly for those participating in the Ad-Share program, with developers receiving a percentage of the gross revenue achieved from the advertisements shown during online gameplay for their title(s), including ads served during the loading screens at the start of a game or in between levels.

Linkbaiting: Grab Them With The Title

If search engines are the next great marketing machines, then links are the fuel that drives the mechanism of search engine optimization and rankings. Obtaining quality inbound links might seem like a daunting task, but in actuality there is an effectively simple element to linkbaiting that is often taken for granted.

Facebook Teams With Comcast For Video Content

One of the biggest draws when it comes to social networking sites is the ability to give your profile that personal touch, whether it

Steve Jobs Speaks Out Against DRM

Apple has been the object of much ire concerning the encoding of its

AOL & EMI Offer Free Music Videos

In a time where the pricing and distribution of online music and video is the object of a fair amount of scrutiny, there are companies looking for alternatives that will make the arguments null and void. The European divisions of AOL have and EMI announced an deal offering streaming music videos through an ad-supported model.

E-Commerce & Reputation Management

The Internet is an informational repository with seemingly immeasurable limits, and as such anything you say in cyberspace will most likely be accessible at the click of a mouse for decades to come.

Wal-Mart To Offer Movie Downloads

When it comes to pure, unadulterated retail, there are few stores that do it any better than Wal-Mart. The company has made a reputation in offering consumers a one-stop shop for everything from cereal to motor oil.

Abandon Social Media While You Still Can
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Much has been made of the impact social media could have on the SEO industry, potentially providing an entirely new avenue in which to promote a business as well as opening up an additional method for generating inbound links to improve search rankings.