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Google To Improve YouTube Copyright Protection

When Google bought YouTube last year, most throughout the blogosphere saw the move as a natural fit for the search company and lauded the acquisition as an monumental success.

Nearly six months later, however, YouTube’s sparkle is beginning to fade amid the copyright complaints that are plaguing Google’s legal department.

Yahoo Sings A New Tune

Since the beginning of the year, Yahoo has looked for ways to separate itself from its competitors as an online brand. Product specific portals, socially driven search and suggestions, and efforts in expanding citizen journalism are just a few of the ways in which the company is trying to accomplish this feat.

Yahoo’s latest offering in original programming, however, could leave many new viewers scratching their heads in confusion; or, more aptly, covering their ears in dismay.

Premier Apps Set To Take On Microsoft Office

With the launch of premium business applications, Google appears poised to challenge Microsoft for supremacy within the enterprise realm – a field that Bill Gates and his Redmond-based software company have dominated for nearly two decades.

LeBron James Suits Up For MSN

Charles Barkley proclaimed that he wasn’t a role model, nor did he want to be one. LeBron James, conversely, is choosing to embrace the influential position he holds as a direct result of his NBA superstardom.

The three-time all star for the Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Monday that he would be participating in a venture from MSN that will portray the basketball phenom’s journey from humble beginnings to athletic fame and fortune, all in a storybook format geared toward children and teens.

Microsoft Applies For Anti-Phishing Patent

In a recent bevy of application disclosures, it was discovered that in September of last year, Microsoft applied for a patent regarding methodology for notifying Internet users whether or not a particular URL is associated with a list of known phishing sites.

We’ve all gotten the e-mails before. In what appears to be correspondence from a legitimate company, a letter comes across our respective e-mail client urging us to “verify our account information” by giving up the skinny on our bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers.

Rockets, Sleepers and Duds

People love to throw around the “Content is King” cliché when discussing methods of luring incoming linkage in efforts to improve search rankings. The statement, while accurate, leaves much to be desired as far as practical application is concerned.

When it comes to content, everyone has theories on how to create and maintain quality. There are strategies to writing headlines, style of verbiage, and even paragraph spacing.

Google Continues Its Efforts In Child Safety

Recently, a conference of experts convened in New York to ask the question “Does The Internet Change Everything?” in regards to how information is presented to children in the ever-evolving digital age. Just how dangerous an environment is the Internet, and what are practical solutions to make it safer for children?

First let me say, I don’t have any children. As a 28 year-old single male, the idea of keeping the Internet safe for children isn’t exactly the first thought that pops into my mind whenever I sit down to do my daily web surfing.

Yahoo Silences Unwanted Suggestions
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Last week, Yahoo launched a new “Suggestions” feature that incorporates Digg-like community voting elements. Instead of news items, however, users sample the suggestions that have been submitted regarding Yahoo’s services and vote on which ones they would like to see implemented the most.

Google Has Great Taste

Google has universally been accepted as one of the finer places to work, both in the United States and abroad. It’s vast amenities, which among others include on-site gyms, dormitories, and a gourmet cafeteria, are often a lucrative tool in attracting the biggest and brightest talent.

Historically, perks that have been associated with multinational corporations would include a luxurious company car, membership the finest country club in the area, and perhaps even an executive washroom.

Amazon Schools Customers on eCommerce

Recently, Amazon carried a ‘buy one, get one free’ promotion on DVD box sets for its customers. Due to a technical problem, however, customers were able to ‘get one free, get another free’ instead. After the fact, Amazon is looking to recoup those funds, which is rubbing customers the wrong way.

From the “Ways to Irritate Your Customer Base” school of online commerce, Amazon is poised to lecture business students regarding the finer points of customer service and building consumer trust.

AMD Sets Up Shop In Second Life
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AMD officially launched its virtual presence today by opening its Dev Central Pavilion on AMD Dev Central Island, which can be found within the online world of Second Life as part of its Developer Archipelago.

With a virtual presence within the online community, AMD hopes to extend its Developer Outreach program into a virtual space for meetings, lectures, training courses and networking opportunities for developers.

John Edwards Works The Second Life Corner

Various sorts of virtual destinations such as movie theatres, diners, media agencies and back alley prostitution rings can be found gracing the digital streets of Second Life. Now, you can add the unofficial campaign headquarters of presidential hopeful John Edwards to that list.

As if the virtual world of Second Life weren’t full of enough debauchery, now it’s home to a whole new form of prostitution and depravity — a process that these days we formally refer to as campaigning for the U.S. presidency.

DirectX 10: Forcing Gamers Into Vista Upgrades?

Many users who have grown accustomed to the functionality of Windows XP have been reluctant to take the plunge and upgrade their operating systems to Vista. Users who are heavily involved in gaming, however, are beginning to find that the choice in operating system has already been made for them.

Illinois To Ban Social Networks?

There’s a lot of talk surrounding a bill currently being proposed by Alaska senator Ted Stevens, which would place restrictions on access to social networks within public schools. Legislation introduced in Illinois, however, seeks to completely ban these sites from the state’s schools.

Illinois state senator Matt Murphy, a republican, has introduced a bill entitled the “Social Networking Web Site Prohibition Act” which would effectively ban the surfing of any social network sites from computers in public school libraries.

Omniture Unveils New Analytic Software
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Omniture, Inc. has announced the launch of Discover 2.0, analytic software designed to give companies the ability to visually explore large amounts of online customer interaction data in real-time.

Discover is a component of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Platform, and is a solution that Omniture claims can accomodate all levels of business users by generating everything from simple reports to more complex methods of data aggregation and analysis.

Google To Reveal Quality Scores

Ever since Google first announced that it would implement quality score into its methodology for calculating bid prices for keywords, an air of mystery has surrounded the process and has left many participants in the search company’s AdSense network scratching their collective heads in frustration.

Warner Inks Two New Mobile Content Deals

Earlier today, Warner Music Group disclosed that it had reached new agreements with two leading mobile operators to distribute mobile music content throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

SES: Campaign & Project Management
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The Search Engine Strategies conference series is back in full swing this week, providing insight from some of the more forward thinkers in the search industry. Emanating from London, this SES conference promises to be one of the most robust we’ve seen.

WebProNews guest correspondent Debbie Harrison provides with coverage of the first day’s session, kicked off by Anne Kennedy, Managing Partner at Beyond Ink, who emphasized strategies to manage pay-per-click services.

Microsoft Urges Focus On Vista, Not Vienna

The blogosphere has been buzzing amid reports that Microsoft plans to release a successor to Windows Vista within the next two years. Some insiders predict that Vienna, the codename for the project, is poised for a 2009 release.

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates dropped a bombshell. In an interview with this blogger, he openly discussed the future of the Windows brand and when we could expect to see the next offering in the product line:

RIAA Continues Pressuring ISPs For Information

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been relentlessly fierce in its pursuit of individuals it deems as “criminals” by filing numerous lawsuits over the past several years.

It looks like the RIAA is trying to do all it can to encourage ISPs to be more forthcoming with identifying information in order to fuel their tactics which amount to little more than a legal means of extorting money from everyday citizens.

Google To Spur Growth In Podcasting?

The proliferation of podcasting has been significantly slower than most analysts predicted when the medium burst onto the scene. Within the next two years, however, it is projected that the format will boom due to Google’s efforts in developing an advertising medium for the content platform.

FAST & Infospace Team Up For Mobile Search

In a statement released this morning, Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) and Infospace have announced a partnership aimed at delivering an ASP mobile search service, enable carriers to assert more control over their content business models while providing mobile search to customers.

Belgian Newspapers Score Victory Against Google

It’s beginning to look like 2007 could be a very long year for Google in the legal department.

In a court ruling early Tuesday, a judge ruled in favor of Belgian newspapers in their dispute with Google, citing that the Internet company was guilty of copyright infringement.

The Brussels court ruled in favor of Copiepresse, a consortium that represents the eighteen newspapers that brought complaints against Google.

Is Wikipedia On Its Last Legs?

The monetization of Wikipedia has been the subject of much debate, and even a little venom spitting, for the past several months. With reports surfacing that funding for the user-edited encyclopedia may be running out, will Wikians finally embrace an ad-supported business model?

According to Alexa, Wikipedia is the twelfth most popular site on the entire Internet. Within six months, however, the entire site could be non-existent.