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Google Answers Censorship Questions
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Countries such as China are slowly beginning to allow outside Internet influences to establish a presence within the nation

YouTube Strikes a Deal with the BBC

In a move that seems to run contrary to recent trends, YouTube has actually come to an agreement with a major content provider. The BBC announced on Friday that it has struck a deal with the popular video-sharing site that will see the UK based broadcasting company share in advertising revenue generated by YouTube traffic.

A Digg Vote Buyer’s Confession

Recently, Digg decided to discontinue its Top Users feature because of circulating rumors that influential members of the community had been approached to vote for certain articles in return for monetary compensation. Digg CEO Jay Adelson, however, denied that vote buying tactics would have a significant impact upon a story

RIAA: Fair Use Bill = Legalized Hacking

Earlier this week, U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher and John Doolittle introduced the Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act) for consideration in Congress. Mere days after its initial announcement, the bill is already being targeted for suppression by control-hungry content organizations.

Spotplex To Bury Digg?

There’s no mistaking the fact that news is becoming more socially driven these days. Bloggers are gaining more credibility as legitimate news sources, a trend which can be directly correlated to the volume of their respective subscription bases. Popular sites such as Digg have also contributed significantly to the phenomenon of social news.

Linux Option for Dell PCs?

Reports have surfaced throughout the blogosphere that Dell may be considering offering its customers the choice of a preinstalled Linux distribution when purchasing new PCs from the company.

The speculation stems from Dell’s IdeaStorm website, where the discussion surrounding the possibility of Linux distribution and support is currently dominating the community consciousness.

Google Increases Search Share in January

It’s no secret that Google is the top dog in the realm of search. Perched atop the mountain, the company has yet to be knocked off of its perch, or even face any serious threat to its dominance in the industry. According to January’s figure, don’t look for that trend to change anytime soon.

YouTube Takes Down Oscar Clips
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This year’s Academy Awards were particularly sweet for director Martin Scorsese, who received his first Oscar in five nominations for his behind the camera work in The Departed, which was also awarded the Oscar for Best Picture.

Unfortunately for Scorsese, he won’t be able to relive the moment on YouTube or any other video sharing site anytime soon.

Publishers Scoff At Online Book Search

In one of its most ambitious projects ever, Google has set a goal to digitize all book content that is public domain, and also snippets from other copyrighted words in order to provide users with the most comprehensive book search function ever conceived.

Several prominent libraries have already signed up to be a part of the Google Book Project, but the online search giant’s ambitions have some publishers turning up their nose in disapproval.

Britney Spears Back On Top of the Charts (Sort Of)

Oops, she’s done it again. In the wake of the now infamous head-shaving incident, Britney Spears has, for better or worse, once more become the main topic of conversation throughout the entertainment industry.

The emergence of Bald Britney was one of those moments in history that you knew was going to have a much deeper impact than merely becoming the top story on the evening news.

Beef Up Your AdWords Quality Score
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With the increased emphasis by Google on quality score these days, advertisers simply can’t afford to stay in the dark when it comes to best practices – especially when minimum bids are at stake.

Ah yes, yet another rousing article on the importance of quality score.

Second Life To Get 3D Voice Capability
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Linden Lab, creators of the Second Life online world, announced plans to enable residents to voice chat with one another in real time. This initiative is geared toward improving the collaborative efforts of educators, non-profits, and businesses that run their operations within the virtual environment.

To invoke a recurring motif from the Star Wars saga…

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

Microsoft To Donate $1.7M To Gulf Region

Hurricane Katrina devastated several states along the Gulf Coast region in what turned out to be one of the deadliest natural disasters in U.S. history. Eighteen months last, the affected areas still find themselves struggling to rebuild their respective communities and revitalize their local economies.

In an attempt to give these areas a helping hand, Microsoft announced today its intention to donate $1.7 million in cash, software and specialized curriculum to nonprofit partners in Louisiana and Texas.

MySpace Beginning to Block Widgets?

One of the primary reasons that MySpace has achieved such success in the realm of social networking is the ability for users to customize their profiles with layouts, music, videos, and assorted other widgets.

As the number of MySpace users continues to grow, however, the company is becoming less inclined to allow third parties to use their social networking site as a marketing platform for their services. Last weekend, MySpace began blocking widgets from Vidlife, Stickam, Revver, and Imeem.

Is Terry Semel On The Chopping Block?

An article appearing in Yahoo Finance today outlines several missteps that the company has taken, all of which have led to the precarious position it finds itself in when compared to the enormous success and gargantuan search share that Google boasts.

Eric Jackson submitted a rather lengthy piece to Yahoo Finance today, and had no qualms about calling out Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, urging that he be replaced immediately due to several failures that many feel have damaged Yahoo in a significant way.

Wireless Internet Usage Continues To Increase

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently conducted a study gauging the increasing prevalence of wireless connectivity among Internet users as a whole.

According to the findings of the report, nearly 34% of Internet users have logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection either around the house, at their workplace, or some place else.

This means that one-third of Internet users, making use of laptops or other mobile devices have surfed the Internet or checked email by means of a WiFi connection or a cell phone network.

Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Medstory

Seeking no doubt to improve upon its dismal figures in the search market, Microsoft revealed plans today to acquire Medstory, a company that develops search technology for those operating specifically within the healthcare sector.

EMI on DRM: Show Us The Money First

Earlier this month, rumors began swirling around EMI’s supposed efforts to extend the olive branch to online music retailers by considering the prospect of making the company’s audio catalog available in a non-DRM hindered format.

New Ranking Model Gives Yahoo A Boost
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Three weeks ago, Yahoo introduced its new ranking model to the search world. Armed with new ad grouping, geo-targeting, and quality score features, the platform already seems to be yielding very positive results for the company.

Broadband Delivered Via Power Lines?

There has been a lot of publicity surrounding Google and Earthlink’s efforts to bring municipal WiFi to the city of San Francisco. With both the political and logistical snags that the companies have encountered along the way, however, should we start looking for an alternative method for delivering broadband to the masses?

Google To Outsource YouTube Filtering

Much has been made of YouTube’s inability to keep pirated content off of its servers, a sticking point that has made the popular video-sharing site a very large target for media companies, especially since its highly publicized acquisition by Google in October of last year.

RIAA Publishes Piracy

In its ongoing battle of futility against file sharing, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has published a list of the academic institutions that the organization has deemed as the top offenders when it comes to sharing music over a peer-to-peer connection.

In total, the RIAA sent out over 14,500 copyright infringement notices during the last academic year, with Ohio University topping the list at 1,287 letters – accounting for nearly ten percent of the alleged illegal music sharing.

Valentines Day, Grammys Top Weekly Zeitgeist

Searchers looking for last minute gifts for the special someone, researching the origins of Valentine’s Day, and music enthusiasts soaking in the coverage from this year’s Grammy awards comprised the majority of Google queries last week.

Evaluating Ad Impression Metrics

Click fraud, along with other methods of generated false or inflating statistics concerning ad impressions, has been the subject of much debate throughout the industry. Some reports indicate that fraud is rampant throughout the online advertising realm, while other statistics suggest that click fraud and other shady practices aren’t as prevalent.