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McAfee: The Internet Is Risky Business

It’s no secret that the Internet is rife with phishing and malware sites that look to prey upon unsuspecting web surfers. In a recent study, McAfee decided to take a geographical look at both the safest and riskiest places to surf the web.

Viacom Sues Google, YouTube
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Since negotiations fell apart between YouTube and Viacom, analysts have been speculating about whether or not the media conglomerate would take legal action against the popular video-sharing site. Specifically in light of the fact that Viacom video clips continue to appear in YouTube’s library on a regular basis.

Google Phone Edges Closer to Reality

Rumors have been mounting over the past two months surrounding the existence of the fabled Google phone, a device that the mobile community has anticipated with baited breath for some time now. As more details come to light concerning the alleged Google phone, one wonders if Apple views the device as a legitimate competitor to the iPhone.

MMOs For Mainstream Business?

With the success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard has all but achieved a license to print money based on revenue generated from recurring subscriptions and expansion software.

Mainstream companies have taken notice of the growing interest in online gaming and have taken steps to market their respective brands in virtual worlds, particularly within Second Life.

FAA Ponders Switch to Linux, Premier Apps

Growing consumer disappointment with Windows Vista, coupled with the need of major businesses and government agencies to begin assessing long-term computing needs, seems to be forcing IT professionals to consider non-Microsoft alternatives for their operating system and office suite applications.

MySpace News: Can You Digg It?

In terms of Social Networking, MySpace is the king of the virtual mountain. Even more than boasting its status as the premiere social site online, MySpace also touts the title of the most visited site on the Internet. With such a massive audience tuned in, MySpace continues to look for ways to increase the time on site for its users.

What Should You Look For In An SEO Firm?
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When facing the potential need of SEO services in order to take the next step toward ranking higher in the search engines, a company should have a specific list of criteria in mind in order to distinguish the less than reputable firms from the ones who have legitimate value to offer the customer.

Microsoft, AP Forge Online Video Network
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The explosion of online video has had a significant impact upon the social networking industry, but the influence of the platform is beginning to bleed over into traditional information mediums as well.

Yahoo Answers Launches New Social Network
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Much was made of Yahoo’s widely publicized failure in reaching a deal to acquire Facebook, the social network that is second only to MySpace in terms of popularity and usage. Rather than focus on the past, however, Yahoo has simply decided to create it’s own social utility.

More New Features For Google Finance

Playing second fiddle to Yahoo isn’t a position that Google finds itself accustomed to these days, as the company clearly has Yahoo trumped in the realm of search. Finance, however, is a different story for Google as it has struggled to compete with Yahoo in this particular niche.

It’s been nearly nine months since Google launched its finance site upon the Internet world, and it still has yet to make so much as a dent into Yahoo’s lead in this particular market.

American Idol Hopeful Tops Google Searches

The competition on American Idol is just starting to warm up, but the real heat may not coming from the performances. As evidenced in last week’s Zeitgeist, Google searchers have American Idol contestant Antonella Barba on the brain, and I daresay it isn’t because of her singing voice.

Microsoft: Faster Computers = Cheaper Gas

Research firms and think tanks are constantly looking for new ways to process oil in order to increase gasoline production, given the world’s dependence on the valuable commodity. Analyzing chemical bonds and refining techniques, however, many not be the only solution when it comes to achieving optimum efficiency.

Friendster Drops Yahoo, Gets New Best Friend
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It’s a timeless story; a friendship that had all the makings of lasting a lifetime is torn to shreds when one of the parties drops the other in favor of a richer, cooler, and more popular pal. Playing the part of the jilted friend in today’s dramatization is Yahoo, who appears to have once again been shafted by Google.

Rice University Adjunct Offers SEO Course
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Throughout the blogosphere, one can find untold informational references when it comes to search engine optimization. The problem, however, is that there are aspects of SEO, such as text-to-code ratio and link buying, in which a knowledge seeker could find many articles from opposite sides of the issue. Where is the real authority in the realm of SEO?

Organic or Paid? Links or Content? These questions often spur much research from search professionals, but in the end are akin to the “tastes great vs. less filling” dilemma of endless debating.

Google Desktop Receives A Makeover

Even though Windows Vista hasn’t been received with quite the fanfare Microsoft would have liked, the fact remains that the integrated desktop search functionality represents a potential snag in Google’s master plan for continued dominance within the industry.

Major Record Labels Go After Yahoo China

A consortium of record labels which include Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have filed suit against Alibaba, which is an operator affiliated with Yahoo China, alleging copyright infringement by the site. The announcement comes as record labels, along with the RIAA, are cracking down harder than ever on digital music piracy.

It’s been an up and down week for digital music aficionados, and it’s only Tuesday.

Attackers on Edwards HQ Come Forward

Earlier this month, grass roots supporters of presidential hopeful John Edwards took it upon themselves to set up an unofficial headquarters for the South Carolina senator within the virtual world of Second Life.

The news broke a little less than three weeks ago as supporters of the Edwards campaign heralded the move as brilliant strategy to reach out to an entirely new community of voters.

Nokia Unveils Mobile Platform

It looks as though 2007 is turning out to be a banner year for advertisers looking to engage consumers on their mobile devices. With the first two screens (television & computer) squarely in check, marketers are now focusing on the third screen (mobile) and its advertising potential.

Podcasting Hints and Tips For Success
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A great podcast can be an effective tool to generate buzz about a new product or service your company is offering, or can even be a way to simply heighten your online presence and popularity throughout your particular niche.

Can Coding Affect Your Search Ranking
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There are many strategies one can employ in order to improve a site’s search ranking. Everything from title tags to link buying has been suggested at one time or another when it comes to this elusive beast we like to call search engine optimization. The question remains, however, is there anything we’re missing as far as coding goes?

RIAA Targets Internet Radio
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In a decision that could drive the nail in the coffin to Internet radio providers, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board has endorsed a proposal by SoundExchange to enact royalty rates for webcasts and streaming music sites that will stay in effect from 2006 until 2010.

Microsoft Sued for Failing to Hide Porn
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Microsoft has seen its share of legal proceedings throughout recent years, answering charges alleging antitrust violation, copyright infringement and just about everything in between.

This lawsuit, however, may take the proverbial cake.

A Massachusetts man has filed suit against the Redmond-based software company seeking compensatory and punitive damages stemming from, what the plaintiff asserts, breeches and data security and the failure of Internet Explorer to keep delete his browsing history and keep his Internet habits private.

The End of Black Hat SEO?

Many SEO specialists have taken exception to repeated comments made by Jason Calacanis, who claims that the profession is mostly comprised of charlatans and two-bit tricksters who rely on little more than shady smoke and mirror tactics alongside technical chicanery to boost a site

Google Offering Premier Apps Seminars?

Last week, Google unveiled its Premier Apps service amid much blogosphere banter and speculation, namely to the tune that the search company is now, in effect, throwing its hat in the ring as a direct competitor to Microsoft in the enterprise sector when it comes to office applications.

Two key features of Premier Apps immediately stood out most analysts when Google released the initial feature list: