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Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That

The blogosphere has exploded in the last two weeks over this new social phenomenon we’ve come to know as Twitter. While the buzz has certainly picked up concerning the service, statistics show that Twitter still has quite a ways to go to be considered a mainstream force in the online social scene.

Microsoft Lobbying For Data Privacy Laws

A growing concern of today’s average citizen is the security of their data. With so many consumers making purchases online, as well as search engines looking to become more personalized by tracking a user’s web history and search trends, ensuring user privacy and protection is becoming increasingly important to a fast growing segment of the population.

Virtual Worlds Valued At A Billion

World of Warcraft, Second Life, Final Fantasy Online, Everquest and a whole slew of other online environments are booming as broadband access has continued to proliferate throughout the United States and beyond.

Anti-Hillary 1984 Video Hits YouTube
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With candidates gearing up for the 2008 election season, the role of socially driven content sites such as YouTube begins to take shape. Case in point, one of the hottest videos on YouTube right now is pro-Obama clip featuring a remade version of Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial.

Internet Search Powered By… K-Fed?
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Kevin Federline, who is mostly notorious for his former marriage to Britney Spears, hasn’t exactly burned up the charts with his musical endeavors as of late. In an attempt to boost his popularity, Federline (or K-Fed, as it were) has partnered with Yahoo and Prodégé to build his very own search engine.

If you take a search engine, add a floundering pop star, and throw in prizes for searchers that run queries on the site, then what will you come out with?

Don’t worry; I’m not quite sure either.

Google Jazzes Up Personalized Homepage

In a recent update, Google has added a new feature to its personalized homepage that might signal a focused effort to snatch another one of Yahoo’s strongholds away. By allowing users to give their Google homepage a more artistic look and feel, the company is sending a clear message that it wants to become the primary portal for everyone’s Internet experience.

NCAA Hoops, Celebrity Deaths Top Google Searches

The top Google searches from the past week carry a sobering dichotomy of elation and sorrow as information seekers sought to join in the celebration of March Madness as well as take part in mourning the suicides of actor/comedian Richard Jeni and former Boston frontman Brad Delp.

YouTube Records Snatched By U.S. Customs

Negative publicity continues to befall YouTube, first stemming from the billion dollar copyright infringement suit filed by Viacom, and now from reports that the popular video sharing service is being used as a vehicle to communicate death threats from vengeful criminals.

There are several creative directions you could pursue when taking advantage of YouTube’s video e-mail service. You can give that old friend of yours a personalized birthday message, recite a love poem for that special someone, or just act goofy to give a pal of yours a much-needed laugh.

Take Two Looks To Squash Nuisance Suits

Noted video game opponent Jack Thompson is at it again, looking to block the distribution of Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, both scheduled to be released later this year by Take Two. The popular game distributor, however, is now looking to launch a preemptive strike against Thompson to ensure timely release of these titles.

In Game Advertising: Google Acquires Adscape
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Continuing it’s efforts toward exerting advertising dominance within the Web 2.0 sphere, Google has announced the acquisition of Adscape, a small San Francisco based advertising firm that specializes in developing integrated in-game advertising for an assortment of clients.

A Long Time Ago, In a Wiki Far, Far Away

The Star Wars Saga carries arguably the largest fan base of any one particular work of fiction. Fanboys and uber-geeks have made the Internet their platform to engage in endless debates surrounding topics such as the exact specifications of the X-Wing Starfighter to whether or not the destruction of the first Death Star was an inside job.

Deleted YouTube Videos Still Available
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When it receives a complaint from content owners regarding copyrighted videos, YouTube is usually pretty quick to comply with regulations and pull down the infringing clips. As it turns out, those clips may still be available for viewing and/or download on YouTube’s servers.

The news doesn’t seem to be getting any better for YouTube.

Yahoo Brings Flickr To China

Internet companies are salivating at the moneymaking opportunities presented in the thus far untapped Chinese marketplace. The dilemma, however, still lies in the form of censorship practices enforced by the nation’s government. Will the country’s officials allow a Chinese version of the site to be accessed?

Hitwise: Where Did You Fill Out Your Brackets?

March Madness begins today and already the tournament action is in full swing with enough opening round games to satisfy even the most ravenous of college basketball appetites.

RIAA Targets Michigan Students, Draws NPR Ire
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Privacy is a hot word around the blogosphere today; Google is protecting it and the RIAA is employing every trick in their playbook to circumvent a user’s right to privacy by pressuring ISPs and Universities to voluntarily hand over identifying information pertaining to users who are allegedly violating copyright law by sharing digital music over the school’s network.

Is Blogging Becoming The New Standard?
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When blogs first hit the scene, there were many who passed the practice off as ‘just another Internet trend’ and doomed the medium to failure before it ever got off the ground. Years later, blogging is still around – and it’s rapidly joining the ranks of mainstream media as a source of breaking news.

New Google Talk Gadget Goes Live
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In a departure from the negative publicity surrounding the company this week, Google announced the launch of its instant messaging gadget today. The Google Talk gadget can be embedded in a user’s personalized Google homepage or on any other webpage or blog simply by adding a line of code.

Government Agencies Ban Windows Vista
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In the past, large organizations have been reluctant to switch over to a new Microsoft operating system due to factors of cost, new training, and the possibility unknown bugs still lurking about in the software. In this case, however, reluctance has given way to outright refusal.

NBC Universal, MobiTV Team Up For Wireless Deal

The battleground for the third screen continues as NBC Universal and MobiTV team up to offer on-demand programming to wireless customers. Users will be able to take in shows featured on NBC, USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, Telemundo and other NBCU properties as well.

Microsoft: It’s Official, We’re Buying TellMe

In a statement today, Microsoft has confirmed its intentions to purchase TellMe, a provider of multiple different types of voice information services. Specific terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed as of yet.

It looks like you can chalk this one up as gossip that actually came to fruition. The last week has been rife with speculation that Microsoft would be purchasing TellMe. It was actually one of the more prominent news pieces until Viacom came along and stole the spotlight by dropping a billion-dollar bomb on YouTube.

Microsoft Continues Opposing Cybersquatters

Microsoft is no stranger to the courtroom given its involvement in antitrust allegations and its efforts to squelch software piracy. Proving that there is indeed no rest for the weary, the legal team at Microsoft is now expanding its efforts to cracking down on cybersquatters who, as the company claims, are profiting off of their brand.

Dell Confirms Linux Offerings
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Several weeks ago, rumors began swirling about Dell’s potential plan to begin offering its customers a choice between Windows or Linux operating system for PCs and notebooks.

Google’s Stock Dips Amid Lawsuit Banter

In a day that has seen the Dow Jones drop by over 200 points and the NASDAQ take a 50-point dive, Internet companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo have seen their stock prices continue in a downward spiral. Unfortunately, Google’s day hasn’t been much better.

H&R Block Launches Island In Second Life

The April deadline to file taxes in the United States is fast approaching, and with it comes the time of year when tax accounting firms usually see a peak volume in their business. With all the questions surrounding new tax laws, deduction advice, and audit defense, H&R block is looking to bolster its brand against all others by setting up shop in Second Life.