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Porn Domain Vote To Come Tomorrow

Officials of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN) are becoming increasingly leery of adopting the “.xxx” domain for pornographic websites amid concerns from government officials, the porn industry itself and, oddly enough, many religious groups.

Google Looks To Improve Health Search
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When searching for health information online, it’s hard to know what sites are trustworthy. Google has a system for marking authoritative results, but by the company’s own admission most users are unaware of how to interpret the indicators. So how can the experience of searching for health-related information be improved?

Eye Tracking Your Attention Span

The attention span of Internet users has been the subject of many studies, most coming to the conclusion that, on average, people only spend a few seconds on any given site. An eye tracking study from Poynter Online, however, reveals that users who go online searching for news actually spend longer amounts of time in consuming content than their offline counterparts.

Dell Rolls Out Linux Initiatives

For the past month, fans of the open source Linux operating system have been holding on to hope that Dell was serious about its intentions of packaging the OS with new systems and providing user support. Today, Linux enthusiasts received the happy news they have all been waiting for.

Is Virtual World Marketing Just A Fad?

Anyone believing that online worlds like Second Life have reached the point of saturation had better take a second look at the marketing climate. Current trends point toward even more growth and expansion into virtual environments as the list of Fortune 500 companies launching operations in these online words continues to increase.

Text Messaging = Price Gouging? OMG! WTF?
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In comparison to the other ways in which consumers spend money, sending a text message seems relatively cheap. The truth, however, is that mobile users pay 7314% more to send a text message than they actually should.

Microsoft’s PR Firm Makes Ironic Blunder
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An experienced public relations firm can be just what the doctor ordered when you’re trying to inject a positive message about a new product or service into the collective consciousness of the media. There are rare occasions, however, when PR professionals make the kind of mistakes that you just can’t help but laugh at.

Xbox Live Support Falls Victim To Pretexting

Data privacy and security is at the forefront of concerns facing companies looking to make the most of the Web 2.0 phenomenon. So much information is available these days on user habits and search histories.

Wikipedia Competitor Released In Beta

While Jimmy Wales has been busy of late creating a new search engine and dreaming of challenging Google for dominance within the field, another Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has been working on a new collaborative resource designed at offering more validity and expertise to its entries.

Blogosphere Responds To Death Threats
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A tidal wave of shock has swelled across the blogosphere at large in response to publicized death threats targeting well-known blogger Kathy Sierra.

Video Search: A Whole New Ball Game

The landscape of search is changing. Online video is becoming more prevalent to the realm of search, especially given the fact that Google has begun including links to YouTube videos in its SERP pages. Will the ability to search video, however, ultimately change how users consume the information contained within the clips?

Webtips: Gauging The Annoyance Factor

It should go without saying that functionality issues that hamper usability are a major stumbling block for users, and will discourage them from coming back to the site in the future. The big things are easier to catch, of course, but it might be the small things in the long run – the annoying little bugs – that drive users away as well.

What’s Hot: SEO Happenings
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There’s a lot of buzz going on in the SEO world lately, especially when it comes to common optimization myths, shady business practices, and the debate currently underway surrounding the ethical and practical nature of link buying practices

Strolling around the SEO corner the last few days has been a surprisingly fruitful experience, especially given the fact that a lot of the items one comes across in the search engine optimization realm is just regurgitation of ideas and concepts that have been thrown around for some time.

Google Offering Checkout Referral Bonuses

AdSense advertisers have even more incentive to use Google Checkout for payment processing. Each time a new buyer signs up for a Checkout account and makes a new purchase, the referring party will receive a monetary bonus.

RIAA: eCommerce Public Enemy #1
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With the future of industries such as online radio and peer-to-peer networking hanging in the balance, the pendulum of power is shifting from the hands of the suits at the RIAA into the hands of the public. Those who feel they have been wronged by the organization are collectively beginning to fight back.

Taking Out A Second Mortgage In Second Life
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Buying a home is usually the single largest investment that the average individual will make over the span of their life. Careful thought and planning are exercised when determining how much of a mortgage to take on, how large of a home to purchase, and what realtor to use.

Microsoft Gets Off Its Soapbox

In a surprising announcement, Microsoft has temporarily shut down access to its video sharing site. Still operating in public beta, Soapbox was poised to be Microsoft’s answer to YouTube in the real of user generated and submitted video.

After entering an alliance with News Corp. and NBC, however, Microsoft is perhaps moving Soapbox further down on its list of priorities.

iTunes Set To Be Bum Rushed

Lately, people seem to be appealing to the social nature of the Internet to affect commercial endeavors. For example, there is a site set up specifically to vote for the worst performer on American Idol. Another group is looking to send a message to the recording industry with online mass marketing tactics.

Appealing to the viral nature of the Internet, the group at Bum Rush The Charts is looking to strike back at those who seemingly have a beef with podcasting or any other mediums that choose to make use of audio material for fair use purposes.

Is In-Game Advertising Undervalued?

Recently, advertisers have made a push to market their respective brands in the online worlds of Second Life, The Matrix Online, and Planetside, understanding the vast potential in reaching a whole new audience. In-game advertising, however, could reach far beyond current expectations.

RIAA Caught Between Rock and a Hard Place

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been involved in a notorious legal dispute with Patti Santangelo for the past two years. In a decision handed down from the presiding judge in the case today, the RIAA was dealt a severe blow that could have far-reaching implications.

Another Day, Another So-Called YouTube Killer
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NBC and News Corp could announce as early as today a partnership geared at launching an online video site to rival YouTube. The site would feature clips from programming on both networks, allowing users to modify and share them in socially relevant ways.

Yahoo Rolls Out Widgets 4

Yahoo has announced extensive updates to its cross-OS widget platform, changes which are aimed at improving performance, increasing functionality, and providing new features and services to users.

Of all the new releases in Widgets 4, the Flickr Widget is probably the one that shows the most promise. It allows users to display, upload and tag Flickr photos, as well as giving users the option of dragging and dropping large groups of photos into the widget and edit the tags and other information without needing to open a browser.

Yahoo: Getting Up Off The Mat

Early statistics show that Yahoo is seeing an increase in revenue due to Project Panama, the company’s next generation platform for online advertising. With revenues heading in a positive direction for a change, and analysts praising the company for recent acquisitions, is it possible that Yahoo may be making a comeback?

NFL Could Get Sacked Over DMCA Notices

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has been invoked on countless occasions by copyright holders in efforts to prevent the illegal use of their content. The NFL, however, is quickly finding out that the DMCA is also a powerful protective device for those engaging in fair use.