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Xbox Live Adds Instant Messaging

When the Xbox 360 spring update hits in early May, Xbox Live users will be able to send instant messages to others using the service, as well as any friends that utilize Windows Live Messenger on their PCs or mobile devices.

Yahoo & Friends to Challenge iPod

A new consortium of challengers has banded together to dethrone Apple as the undisputed champion of portable media devices. Yahoo, Sandisk, and Zing have teamed up to release a new wireless mp3 player that the companies hope will steal away some market share from the iPod.

Google, Yahoo Enhance Real Estate Offerings
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One of the most precious commodities in the world is real estate. Everyone is looking for their own little piece of the world to settle and call their own. Home ownership is a goal shared by so many that it seems appropriate that companies like Google and Yahoo would go to such lengths to cater to real estate searchers.

Google Desktop Arrives For The Mac

Earlier this week, Google announced the long-awaited release of its desktop client for Mac owners. Google Desktop users will be able to index content from their hard drive in order to find information about their documents, music, e-mails and pictures, as well as content from the web, quickly and easily.

Has SEO Jumped The Shark?
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All the factors that contribute to a high search ranking have been the object of much research, debate, speculation and reporting over the past few years. With the amount of data that has become available over that time, however, have we reached the saturation point of SEO knowledge?

Bandwidth Hogs Not Feeling Comcastic

Comcast subscribers are finding out the hard way that excessive bandwidth use could lead to an unexpected termination of service, as well as a subsequent one-year reconnection ban. The kicker, however, is that Comcast refuses to provide any hard data to customers documenting their bandwidth usage.

Taken from the storied pages of the How To Stick It To Your Customers manifesto, Comcast has once again proven that just when you think a company can’t possibly tarnish their public image any further, there’s always a new low that can be achieved.

CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.

Zune Marketplace Takes EMI’s Lead
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The iTunes Music Store may be the first to offer DRM-free songs from EMI artists, but the Zune Marketplace won’t be far behind. Microsoft has plans to make the premium tracks available for download from its online store in the near future, and believes this move can only help promote healthier competition between the Zune and the iPod.

Is Linkbait On Its Last Legs?
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Many popular optimization strategies center on the practice of link baiting, which is SEO slang for developing content with the express purpose of luring in a large number of inbound links. As companies like Google continually tweak their algorithm to prevent the system from being gamed, analysts are beginning to wonder if linkbaiting has much of a future.

Study Examines Video Game “Addiction”

Harris Interactive has released a report documenting its findings from a recent study evaluating the prevalence of video game addiction among youth. There is skepticism, however, surrounding how Harris defined the term “addiction” when conducting the survey.

It looks like Harris Interactive has finally managed to accomplish a feat that has baffled physical and mental health professionals for decades; they have defined addiction.

FCC Nixes Airline Cellular, Approves WiFi

Airline travelers will soon have the opportunity to surf the Internet mid-flight by way of wireless networks, as many aircraft are now beginning to be outfitted with WiFi equipment. Even though the FCC has put it stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi, it still has reservations about the viability of offering cellular service to airline passengers.

Dell’s IdeaStorm: Social Media in Motion

When most companies decide to embrace social media, they usually use it as a vehicle to market new products and services, while at the same time seeking transparency. When Dell launched its IdeaStorm website, it departed from the normal “this is what we’re doing” message that most company blogs transmit.

Microsoft Sued Over “Vista Capable” Campaign

Late last year, Microsoft followed up the disappointing news of its delay in shipping Windows Vista to consumers by offering upgrade kits to new PC buys with the assurance that their machine would be fully capable of running the operating system once it was released. According to a woman who has filed suit against the company, that marketing message wasn’t entirely accurate.

Job Search: Your Online Identity Plays a Role

Traditionally, a well-polished resume and rock solid interview technique were the standards that job seekers aspired to when venturing out to find new employment. As the Internet has become more of a user-generated medium, however, blog posts and online photo albums send just as important a message to potential employers about your character.

Second Life: Marketing Fool’s Gold?
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Brands continue to launch operations in Second Life with the hopes of marketing their products and services to a completely new audience.

Skeptics, however, doubt that such a strategy has any long-term sustainability and is just another example of the bandwagon mentality.

While no one would disagree that staying ahead of the technology curve is a good thing, one has to constantly gauge factors such as feasibility and return on investment when deciding to jump headlong into a new venture.

Is Search Going Social?

Finding true relevance in search results is becoming the new focus of users who are looking to the web for their information needs. For years, the algorithm has been the standard method that search engines have employed to determine relevance and deliver comprehensive results. Social search, however, could represent a change in search philosophy.

Even though Google prides itself with impressive algorithms and the latest in anti-spam technology, are search engines like Google truly succeeding at delivering results that are relevant to search terms?

Ask Kevin About The Googgles

Everyone knew the obligatory April Fools Day practical jokes were coming. Some were funny. Some were lame. Some were just flat out bizarre. There were, however, a few jewels that separated themselves from the rest of the ordinary April 1st offerings. Here are the pranks that bear honorable mention.

Matt Cutts: The Hack That Wasn’t

Bloggers Resolve Dispute On CNN
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Before their appearance on CNN this morning, bloggers Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke issued a joint statement responding to issues raised throughout the blogosphere following Sierra’s revelation of death threats against her, as well as the depiction of her image in misogynistic sexual photos.

Scoble Returns Early From Blogging Protest

Last week, the blogosphere erupted with screams of protest and condemnation following the revelation of death threats and personal attacks against blogger Kathy Sierra. In a show of support for Sierra, and in protest of the threats, popular blogger Robert Scoble vowed to not write any posts for a solid week.

EMI Drops DRM Restrictions On iTunes
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Crusaders against Digital Rights Management (DRM) believe the practice does nothing to curtail music piracy while placing unnecessary restrictions on downloaded audio content. In a move that should please the anti-DRM contingent, EMI has announced that it will remove the restriction from its tracks on iTunes.

Social Media: Tip-Toeing The Transparency Line
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Some believe that social media is one of the greatest viral marketing opportunities that has ever been presented. Others felt that it is a passing fad with no long-term future, and that businesses shouldn’t waste valuable time and manpower chasing the social media audience, to which they ascribe the perception of fickleness.

.XXX Rejected by ICANN

The ICANN board voted to reject the application for assignment of the .xxx top-level domain by a vote of 9 to 5, with 1 abstaining. Today’s decision brings to an end the current round of domain name proposals that began back in 2004.

Porn site owners will now be able to rest easy knowing that they won’t have to let go of their .com domains anytime soon. Likewise, opposition from the religious realm proclaims victory in their efforts to thwart the mainstream appeal of pornography across the Internet.

Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved
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This week a San Jose federal judge approved a settlement in the class action click fraud suit brought against Yahoo from several advertisers looking to recuperate $5 million in legal fees and credits for fraudulent clicks that date back nearly three years.

Google Files Patent For Targeting In-Game Ads
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With its purchase of Adscape, Google sent a clear message that it was looking to establish an advertising presence in the worlds of both online and offline gaming. In a patent filing, the company outlines particular strategies that it is seeking to implement to gather specific information on gamers in order to tailor personalized advertising toward them.