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Microsoft & Nortel Unveil BizCom Roadmap

Last July, Microsoft and Nortel announced a strategic partnership in order to develop innovative methods of business communication by focusing on integrating voice, e-mail, instant messaging, multimedia conferencing and other forms of communication.

Online Gambling to Get a Second Life?

Second Life presents its residents with many unique opportunities for social interaction, commerce, and entertainment. Could virtual gambling be the next “feature” to be offered in Linden’s online world? If so, what would the offline legal ramifications look like?

AIM & GoogleTalk Edge Closer to Interoperability

Plans to develop technology that would allow users of AIM and GoogleTalk to communicate with each other were originally announced in December of 2005, and have yet to provide any tangible results.

Digg: A New Platform for Discrimination
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I’ve been pondering my stance on Digg recently. When I saw Christian Mezei’s Unofficial FAQ regarding the Digg algorithm, I began to ponder the entire concept of social media, especially given the recent controversy surrounding which content makes the front page, and which gets buried.

Netflix to Offer Streaming Movie Content

Reports that have touted the eminent demise of Netflix may be a bit premature, especially now that the company has announced plans to offer downloadable movies for no additional fee as part of its standard membership package.

Video Game Search Engine Eyes U.S. Launch

In a new round of capital funding, Wazap has received an additional $7.9 million as part of its effort to expand its presence into the United States. Currently, the gaming search engine is only available in the Chinese, Japanese, and German languages, respectively.

Alan Cox Files DRM Patent

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is a method of content protection that can limit the use of content to specific platforms, devices or other such methods as deemed by the content manufacturer. The practice has been widely scrutinized as of late, specifically in terms of digital music.

AOL Looks to Acquire TradeDoubler

Early Monday, Time Warner announced plans to purchase TradeDoubler, a European provider of online marketing and sales services. The deal, which has yet to be finalized, is reported to cost the company around $900 million.

First HD-DVD On BitTorrent, MPAA Trembles

The first HD-DVD movie has finally found its way into the hallowed halls of BitTorrent. The move could be the first small pebble that starts an avalanche of HD-DVD content to be ripped, released, and scorned by the MPAA as a bane to civilization itself.

Blogging: Random Thoughts & Predictions

Citizen journalism, word of mouth marketing, not to mention good old-fashioned seditious libel, mark some of the more prominent aspects of this generative beast we call the blogosphere.

The Art of Landing Page Content
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Blogosphere buzz surrounding Google’s recent algorithmic changes to the way in which in evaluates landing pages for index inclusion and minimum bidding for keywords has propelled many site designers into a mindset revolving around updating, optimizing, and even totally revamping landing page content.

Live Blogging Leads Macworld Keynote Coverage

Coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld conference took on several different forms this year. Some publications took the traditional journalistic approach by writing articles after the fact, while others experimented with the less formal, more reactionary approach of blogging.

Google Offers Free Real-time Stock Quotes

Recent upgrades and enhanced design features implemented within Google Finance have analysts wondering if Google can close the financial services gap and catch up to Yahoo as a comprehensive market resource.

StubHub Acquired by eBay

eBay announced the acquisition of StubHub, an online marketplace for the resale of event tickets.

Building Quality Inbound Links
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One of the most important factors in determining a site’s PageRank, as well as overall ranking within Google’s index, is the quality of incoming links. Today, we look at some tips from insiders across the web on how to go about building a quality incoming link structure.

UK to Shut Down Most Government Websites

The British government has announced that it will close at least 551 websites in order to streamline as part of a plan to revamp its online presence. The decision is outlined in the Transformational Government Annual Report 2006, which was released earlier this week.

DRM Is On Life Support

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been a topic of much buzz and speculation throughout the blogosphere over the past several months. With the advent of rival content providers offering music in non-DRM formats, the practice seems to be standing on its last legs.

Google, Earthlink Clear MuniFi Hurdle

On Friday, Google and Earthlink came to finalized terms on the contract to build infrastructure for a free wireless network for the city of San Francisco. The city’s Board of Supervisors must now approve the deal in order for the companies to move forward with construction.

Second Life Client Goes Open Source

Linden Lab, creator of the popular Second Life virtual world, is making the code for its Viewer interface available in open source format. Developers will now be able to access the source code for the Second Life client in order to make modifications, enhancements or to add new features.

UC Berkley Offers Free Podcast Courses

Students at UC Berkley might be surprised to find out that the very same courses for which they pay full tuition are available as a free download from an iTunes site specifically set up by the university.

SEO Tips for Your Blog

Blogging can be an effective tool when it comes to building a brand, establishing company credibility, and promoting new products and services. Creating a blog, however, is merely not enough. The content needs to be optimized in such a way that the major search engines can easily index it.

Sony to Release Internet Ready Television
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Sony has unveiled a new TV feature called “Bravia Internet Video Link” that will allow most of its new televisions to access free Internet video content. Online content, including high-definition feeds, will be available from providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Grouper, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony BMG Music.

Google Buys Stake in Xunlei

Google announced on Thursday that it would purchase a small state in Chinese web site Xunlei.com. The company, located in Shenzen, allows users to download music and video from the Internet.

Second Life: The Other Side of the Coin

The virtual world created by Linden Labs has been the object of much discussion throughout the blogosphere in recent weeks. Big-name companies have opened Second Life operations and brand marketing within the virtual world seems to be hitting full stride.