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Microsoft Achieves Record Revenue

Microsoft, on the precipice of launching Vista to the public, released record revenue reports today of $12.54 billion for the last quarter of 2006, which figured to be a 6% increase over the same period of the prior year.

AOL Wants To Play Show & Tell

America Online has announced the arrival of it’s “Show Me” website, a user-generated forum geared at providing a means of self-help for visitor in any number of various topics.

Google Reveals More About YouTube Plans

Back in October, Google purchased YouTube amid a frenzy of media coverage and speculation about how the search company would implement the user-generated video site into its everyday operations. In a statement today, Google shed some more light onto its long-term plans for YouTube.

Social Media: Is It Viral, Or Just A Virus?
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Much praise and adoration has been lauded on the alleged marketing and inbound link potential that social media sites, Digg in particular, present to companies looking to increase their incoming traffic and search rankings.

Baidu & EMI To Offer Streaming Music

Baidu and EMI Music have agreed on a deal to launch an ad-supported streaming music service to Chinese users. Under the terms of the deal, Baidu will set up a page entitled the “EMI Music Zone” as part of its music search channel.

Wikigate ’07 – Much Ado About Nothing
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The informational integrity of Wikipedia has long been debated throughout the ranks of academia, business communities, and the like. While some cynicism can be lent to the validity of the online reference guide’s volume of information, today’s blogosphere explosion may represent a bit of an overreaction.

Join Facebook, Become A CIA Operative

Social networking has become the hip new platform for many professionals such as marketers, musicians, writers, tech evangelists, and a multitude of others. It seems that now the U.S. Government has taken notice of social networks and their recruitment potential.

Microsoft Unveils New Tools For The Disabled

Microsoft, along with assistive technology (AT) vendors, has announced a whole slew of products and services for people with disabilities at the eighth annual Assistive Technology Industry Association conference.

Windows Vista Incompatible With Korea?

On January 31, Windows Vista will hit the shelves in Korea. Microsoft’s latest operating system, however, may leave many Korean users unable to reach many of their favorite web destinations.

Germany, France Join Crusade Against iTunes

Consumer groups from France and Germany have joined a European coalition aimed at forcing Apple to make files downloaded from its iTunes music store compatible with digital music players manufactured by competing companies.

Can Google’s Digital Bookstore Succeed?

It has been widely speculated that Google’s Book Search project would become the gateway to a much larger vision that the search company had in mind all along. By going public with their intent to offer an e-book service, Google has dropped the other shoe regarding its efforts to digitize book content.

Podcasting Trends of 2006

PodZinger has published the results of a study, revealing the top searches and trends on its site for 2006. The statistics showed that sports, talk personalities and world news topped audio search, while current events and pop culture accounted for the majority of online video searches.

IBM Becomes More Socially Inclined

Social networking has become one of the most buzz-worthy news terms in recent memory as the concept as spread at a viral rate throughout the realms of marketing and eCommerce, respectively.

Lycos, PlayPhone Offer Up Mobile Content

Lycos has announced the launch of its new mobile marketplace. PlayPhone, Inc., a company that specializes in direct-to-consumer wireless distribution, will power the online store.

Yahoo Launches Personal Finance Website

Seeking to increase its already sizeable lead as the Internet’s leading financial portal, Yahoo has launched a new addition to its Finance site, which is geared at helping users make more informed decisions concerning their personal finances.

Perspectives on Google Reader

Hitwise is reporting that Google Reader is still lagging pretty far behind both Bloglines and Rojo in terms of market share, despite much love from tech writers throughout the blogosphere.

New Data Center for Google

Google has announced plans to open a new data center in Lenoir, N.C., according to state officials. Local residents hope that Google’s presence in the region will boost the local economy and spur job growth.

Yahoo Answers Gaining Star Power

If you’re a regular contributor to Yahoo’s Q&A portal, you might find that the company has added some additional features to the service. The latest additions give Yahoo Answers a social networking flare that could propel it into contention with other user submission portals, such as Digg.

Google Phone To Challenge Apple iPhone?

Engadget is reporting that they have received information from an inside source with product information about the near-mythical Google branded cellular phone, which has been the topic of much speculation over recent months.

SEMPO Brings SEM Survey to Europe

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) is a group focused on better understanding the role of search in the marketing landscape, as well as developing best practices for search engine marketing professionals employed throughout the industry.

Brady Creates Search Buzz After Playoff Win

The New England Patriots pulled off an improbable upset by defeating the top seeded San Diego Chargers last Sunday in an AFC Divisional Playoff showdown. Coming off the victory, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady is enjoying a newfound surge in popularity according to the Yahoo Buzz Log.

Rumors Swirling Around Apple’s Fairplay DRM

Tech.co.uk is reporting that Apple will announce this week that it is opening up it’s Fairplay DRM so that it may be licensed by device manufacturers who are members of the “Made for iPod” group of manufacturers.

Getting Started in Business Podcasting

Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the preferred platforms in which to distribute content to large numbers of individuals in short order. With the ability to reach such a massive audience, podcasting presents a unique and potentially explosive opportunity for businesses to market their products and services to an already plugged-in audience.

MySpace Develops Parental Monitoring Software

In recent times, MySpace and sexual predators have become closely associated terms in the minds of parents and lawmakers across the nation. The social networking site is currently developing software designed to allow parents to more closely monitor their children’s MySpace activities.