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Joe has over 12 years experience in the search engine marketing industry. He co-founded Submitawebsite.com in 1997, served as a Vice President, Media at iCrossing for 3-years, and sold Submitawebsite to Search Concepts.

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The Horror of Search Engine Penalties & Filters
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There are two words that are guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any website proprietor: penalties and filters.

They damage rankings and ultimately may result in banishment from the search engines. However, before panic sets in, let us guide you through the basics of penalties and filters.

A penalty is caused by significant violations of a search engine’s website guidelines, such as:

Always Get New Links AGNL – 7 Tips for Success

At this point we all know that Link Building is the latest and greatest with the search engines and that without link popularity it’s nearly impossible to rank on the first page for competitive keyword phrases.

Link Reciprocation – What’s the Deal?

Link Reciprocation is quite a popular model for building link popularity for a website.

The (Un)Importance Of PageRank
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Another Google PageRank update appears to be underway or near completion. What that means for search engine optimization is a matter of debate inside the industry. But along PageRank toolbars, ranking has increased for lower ranked sites while it has decreased for previously higher ranked sites.

Link Popularity Explained

Search engines like Yahoo and Google store over ten billion web pages in their vast databases, so structuring and organizing this content is a major undertaking.

The Google Economy
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Understanding the nature of Google can be quite a daunting task. Clients ask frequently why it takes so long to see good results in Google, and why it can often times can be near impossible to achieve a top 10 ranking for a highly competitive keyword on the world’s largest search engine.