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How Great Copywriting Sizzles For The Sale

Great copywriting really ticks me off. No, I mean it. In fact I think I already wrote an article about it. It was called “Why I Hate Compelling Ad Copy” if I remember right.

How The Affiliate Masters Make Massive Sales

Everyone involved in Internet marketing knows the names of the affiliate program masters. Marlon Sanders. Mark Joyner. Jimmy D. Brown. Terry Dean.

Mastering The Internet’s Two Sales Methods

Part 1

There are only two ways to sell things on the Internet.

Plain and Simple.

Discover the ONE Technique that Starts AND Continues Online SUCCESS!

You wanted to work from home so you could have more time for the rest of your life other than work, right? I’m sure that is one of everyone’s goals.

The Three Markets of the Internet — Do You Reach Them All?

Did you know there are three completely different markets on the Internet? There are three sets of people, three ways of viewing advertising, three ways to look at everything. Now ask yourself, do you market to them all?

Yes, You Should Publish an Ezine, and Here’s Why

Why publish an ezine anyway? There are a million of them already, it’s a lot of work, and it requires extra time spent online. Is there really even a point to it?

All In Favor of a Revolution, Say ‘AYE’!

Ok Stop!! Read this BEFORE you do any more marketing!!!

How To Get Better Results From Non-Targeted Hits

There are two types of visitors that come to your web site, targeted and non-targeted.

Both can lead to sales, however they should NOT be treated the same.

How You Too Can Profit From Sales of Your Own E-book

Selling on the Internet is about information. Millions of people log on daily with the sole purpose of learning about whatever interests them.

Why What You’re NOT Doing Is Killing Your Profits

You know what really makes all the difference in your online business?

To make it a success, I mean a real PROFITABLE success, you’ve got to make a serious commitment.

The Ultimate Business Success Tool – Service

What is the focus of your business? Actually deep down, what does your business really accomplish?

I Am NOT a Corporation! But I’ll Take the Profits!

What do you think are the keys to earning BIG BUCKS on the Internet?

First, let’s break this down into two categories.

How To Write Better Ads That Pull More Response

You’ve got approximately 0.5 seconds to get someone’s attention with a classified ad.

That’s not much time.

So, Why Should You Start an Online Business?

Why should anyone start an online business?

After it’s all boiled down, the major factors are money, independence, and time.

Is Working From Home Really For You?

Forget the hype! No, NOT everyone can make big money working from home.

Breakout of the Classified Ocean — With Alternative Promotion Methods

So, you just can’t seem to write an effective ad?

Either that or there are just too many other classified ads out there, and nobody really pays attention to them anymore.

Direct Talk On What Produces Sales

I am now going to speak frankly and directly about what it takes to make money in an Internet business. Traditionally, that is not done, but I’ve pretty much had it with some of the ‘traditions’ of online business.

Direct Talk on What It Takes to Succeed

A lot of the time, especially in my humor writing, I am extremely sarcastic about Internet marketing. I make fun of the hype, the advertising, and some of the marketing strategies used. At times, my readers may wonder if I believe there is even a point to the whole thing.

Benefits Of Resisting The “Buy Now!” Temptation

There are countless Internet marketing articles out there on how to influence your customer to get excited and ‘buy now!’

Why You NEED to Establish Your OWN List of Contacts

You can buy advertising in multiple ezines, or on multiple sites, and reach a lot of people, right?

Sure, but unless you buy repeated advertising, how many times do you reach them?


Tap Into Larger Profits With Your Promotion

The Promotion of your business is NOT about your business.

Increasing Your Profits Through Re-Investment And Planning

Once you’ve been working online for a while, or at least investigated the idea, you’ll realize that while there is profit potential it’s not the open pile of treasures for the taking that many hype oriented advertisements would like you to think.

Marketing Basics : Gather it all up!

So, you’ve bought into an affiliate program, and you’re ready to make some money.

Ok then, now what?

Building Your First Web Site

Having your own domain name and your own web site can do a lot for your business. It gives you a definite web presence and makes your business more credible.