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Joanne Glasspoole is a Webmaster and freelance Web designer. Visit her Web site (http://www.glasspoole.com/) for Internet and technology news, insightful articles, and links to excellent Webmaster resources to help you grow your online business.
The ABCs Of Search Engine Optimization

If you want to be found in the search engines, it is important that you add search engine optimization to your action list. In a nutshell, search engine optimization-or SEO for short-is the process of making your web pages “search engine friendly.”

Web Site Promotion 101

So, you’ve designed a compelling web site that you’re eager to show the world. Every day you add fresh content and tweak your pages to make them prettier, more informative and faster to download. It’s gonna pay off, you tell yourself, as you upload several new pages to your web server.

Publishing Your First E-mail Newsletter

I’ve been an “e-publisher” for a couple of years now. Publishing an e-mail newsletter (e.g., E-zine) is a fabulous way to market your web site. But getting started takes planning, hard work and commitment.

Choosing A Color Scheme

When you begin the design of your web site, one of the first things you need to do is decide on a color scheme. Although choosing colors seems like a relatively easy proposition, it’s not easy at all. In fact, it’s hard.

An Action Plan For Marketing Your Web Site

Build it and they will come. That might have worked in 1995 when the web was new, but today that’s a fallacy. With more than 3.2 billion web pages competing against yours, if you don’t promote it, no one will come.

Designing Professional Web Pages

If your Web site doesn’t project a professional and polished image to your visitors, your credibility and that of your products and services will suffer. Image is everything — especially online where your competitor is only one mouse click away!