About Joanne Fritz, Ph.D.

Joanne Fritz, Ph.D. owns American Dream Publishing. She specializes in the mature market with three websites: http://www.notyetretired.com http://www.second50years.com http://www.ebiz-for-seniors.com
Turning Demographics Into Gold

Do you know who buys, or is likely to buy, your products, services, or information?

A Business for Book Lovers

Many of us love books. And most book lovers have entertained the idea at some point of opening their own bookstore.

That dream seemed to become more and more impossible in this age of blockbuster stores such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com. But, just as we thought that the independent bookseller was all but gone, a surprising twist to the book business has occurred right on our computer screens.

Individuals and small “virtual” booksellers are having a field day online. And they are doing it without their own websites and with no need for even an advertising budget.