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Jinger Jarrett is a certified Web CEO search engine optimization professional living in Alpharetta, GA. She will show you how to market your business online for free. You'll find dozens of free ebooks, software, ezines, and tools at her site: http://www.jingerjarrett.com.
Are You Guessing In The Dark When It Comes To E-Commerce?

In the early days, guessing was considered to be the smartest thing to do. After all, we needed to start somewhere and develop ourselves from scratch so we were ready to find out what works and what doesn’t.

7 Free Search Engine Resources You Should be Using Now

Ask any business person who’s website is at the top of the search engines if his/her site is making money, and the answer is almost always “yes”.

7 Essential Resources for Small Business

So you want to start a business but you don’t have a lot of money? Start your business online, and it won’t be a problem.

Writing Articles that Get Read

Writing articles is one of the best and most effective ways of promoting your business because it does three things:

3 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Joint Venture

A joint venture can be one of the most profitable and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. It can also destroy your reputation, get you ignored, or worse, accused of spam if you if you don’t take the proper care to create a valuable offer.

How to Create a Web Site That Makes the Sale

Nothing can be more frustrating than visiting a web site and not being able to find what you are looking for.

How To Create an Offer Your Buyers Will Love

With the creation of the Internet, it has become easier than ever to start a business, especially online.

3 Essential Tools for Email Marketers

Marketing your business with email is an art.

It’s very easy to get accused of spamming nowadays. Add to that the filters ISPs are using, and your message may not get through.

7 Essential Online Tools for Non-Webmasters

I’ve built and edited all of the web sites I use to run my business. I wish I could take credit for the look, but I can’t.

Article Writing Tips for Non-Writers

Although there are many types of articles you can write to help you promote your business, i.e. features, interviews, etc. I’m going to teach you how to write the two easiest forms of articles that will help you get the sale.

6 Easy Ways to Promote Your Ezine Articles

If you think you can’t brand yourself because you’re not a major corporation, think again.

5 Essential Online Tools for Writers and Publishers

Writing a newsletter or article can be very time consuming. First, you have to create your content. Then you have to organize it. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools online you can use and don’t require you to clog your computer with more software.

The #1 Way to Get Profits Fast and Forever

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make profits from your business, think joint venture.

The beauty of a joint venture is that no matter how much or how little traffic you are currently receiving at your site, this marketing technique can explode your traffic and profits.

Click Your Way to Profits with Pay Per Clicks

Once upon a time in Internet Land, you could submit your web site to the search engines, and customers had no problem finding you.

Your Success Depends on Your List

Now you’ve probably heard it said a 1000 times by the top online marketers: the single most important thing that you can do is build your list. I challenge you because there is a second part to this: build a relationship with your customers and readers. Provide them with content that they can use and products that they want. You’ll have loyal subscribers who will buy your products.

Four Things You Must Do For Online Business Success

Starting a business online can be one of the easiest things you can do. It doesn’t take much money, and with all of the free software available, it is very easy to automate every aspect of your business.