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Jim Novo has nearly 20 years of experience using customer data to increase profits. He is co-author of The Guide to Web Analytics and author of Drilling Down:Turning Customer Data into Profits with a Spreadsheet. If you want more visitors to take action on your web site, try using the free conversion metrics calculator, downloadable here. If you need to sell more to customers while reducing marketing expenses, get the first nine chapters of the Drilling Down book free at http://www.drillingdownbook.com.

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Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention, Part 2

Measuring Potential Value with LifeCycle Metrics

This whole potential value measurement issue is, of course, the big problem embedded in the preaching you hear on LifeTime Value, CRM, and these portfolio models of customer value. How do you deal with this whole “potential value” question, how do you actually measure it and act on it?

Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention

You have probably heard or read references to the “portfolio” approach to managing customers and their value.

Whats Next in Web Analytics: Visitor / Customer Retention

Let’s say you are in charge of marketing the web site. You have a multitude of media choices, but not an unlimited budget.

Optimizing for Goal Conversion

Most folks are getting the hang of web analytics at some level.

Online Advertising Effectiveness? Tell Me About It! Part 1
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Well, I got some positive feedback on the last Webtrends article so I figured I would toss in another. I don’t want to sound like a shill for WebTrends, but I don’t know how you manage a web business without detailed log analysis. WebTrends is not nearly as good as the system I used for the CBS/SportsLine “points for page views” loyalty program, but then again, not many of you probably need something with that much horsepower. Or do you? Let me know

Online Advertising Effectiveness? Tell Me About It! Part 2

Well, we’re getting there. We’ve previously proved visitors clicking on a paid listing are of higher quality than “free search” visitors for the same search term, and now we see there is also significant variability in quality of visitor by the term itself, according to the last chart. Look at Customer Loyalty (CL). Much shorter visits, and lower download and newsletter subscribe percentages, but much higher bookmarking percentages. What could this mean, why the difference?

Employee Incentives Lead to CRM Failure?

Have you set up your customer accounting system? Never heard of customer accounting? Let me explain.

eCommerce Site Advice

Hi Jim, I know you are busy so I’ll make this short. Would you if you have time, look at my web site and tell me what needs to be changed if anything.

I have no one else to look at it that has your knowledge. The URL is http://www.theholistichorse.com.

– Ruth Ann

Lacking Local Customers

My main problem is that I get few orders from within New Zealand. Most of my customers are from overseas, which is great, but why am I not reaching my local market?
– Jean

Traffic Analysis – Commission Thieves

Question: Jim,

I caught your article on Traffic Analysis but was unable to unearth methods of avoiding commission stealing.

Will a simple PHP redirect do the trick? I expect that the offending code changes the affiliate code in the downloaded HTML; doing a redirect off of a server would eliminate that problem if that is the case. Is this the silver bullet?

Traffic Analysis – Turning Traffic Into Sales

Question: About 5 months ago I started on a quest to make the best site possible, with the best content for the users that I wanted there. My URL is http://www.skateservice.com. Now that I’m actually getting traffic, I can’t turn it into sales. I am an affiliate of the #2 online skateboard shop, but I’m not seeing any turn around from it. I place banner ads, and feature ads on my site, but no one seems to be buying anything. The whole purpose of the site is to make it an E-Zine type, with the option to buy products that I know the customer is in the market for. Any ideas or thoughts would really help me out here.

Jim Novo Answers Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis Questions
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You probably get gobs of reports on web site traffic but don’t really do much with them other than track page views and visitors. Increasing your traffic using ads, search optimization, and pay-per-click won’t do you much good if visitors don’t do something once they get to your web site.

Traffic Analysis – Tracking Typed-in URLs

Part 1 – Can one calculate how many people *typed in* the URL with Webalizer? With Webtrends? Does this have anything to do with the “direct request” number or the referrers that are the site URL itself?

Traffic Analysis – Getting Visitors To Buy

Question: I’m not getting the traffic I would like. Can you tell me what I need to do?

Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis – Two Metrics

I’ve developed two metrics I think are among the most important you can track, no matter what kind of site you have or what the objective of the site is.

Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis – Getting Started

I keep getting more and more requests for information on how to use visitor analysis to improve web site profitability.

Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis

Percent Single Page Access

What it is: Single Access Page Visits divided by Entry Page Visits for a page