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Jim is a designer and a staff writer for iEntry. He is also the editor of the FlashNewz newsletter.
Adobe Includes Drag and Drop Flash Support in New Contribute Release

Entry-level and code-challenged webmasters now have a whole new set of tools to play with in the latest release of Adobe’s web publishing product. Contribute 4 now boasts improved blog publishing capability and unified web publishing along with support for Flash video.

Sport a Pink Redesign to Support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States, and many sites across the internet, especially concentrated within the blogosphere, have redesigned their layouts in pink monochrome to promote awareness of this disease.

Can Accessibility and Usability Live in Harmony?

Accessibility and usability are often discussed in the same breath, and many webmasters usually devise and implement strategies for each around the same stage of a site’s development.

Wireless Router as an Access Point
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How to install a wireless router as an access point in an existing Windows network…

W3C Breaks Out The Red Pen

The World Wide Web Consortium released a new edition of Core XML Standards late last week.

Mobile Design: Quest Against Horizontal Scrolling

With upwords of 200 million currently active wireless subscribers in the United States alone, and with mobile internet’s popularity increasing and accessibility improving, it’s no surprise that your website should be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.