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Jim Hedger works with Metamend Search Engine Marketing as a SEO Consultant, lead copywriter and head blog writer. Jim has been involved in the SEO field since the days of the dinosaurs and felt he had lost a personal friend when Disney went "ol' Yeller" on Infoseek. Over the course of his career, Jim has gotten drunk with Jeeves the Butler, tossed sticks to that sock-puppet dog from Pets.com and come out of a staring contest with Googlebot confidently declaring a tie. When not traveling between conferences, Jim lives with a perpetually annoyed cat named Hypertext in the Pacific techno-outport of Victoria British Columbia.
Stats, Facts and Organic SEO

Everybody loves lists and statistics. From the annual Top100 movies of all time lists to the Top10 cities in which to live, even the simplest comparative studies can captivate people and inform pop-culture opinions. Folks use lists to prove points, gauge their own successes and get a reckoning on what’s going on around them.

New Google China Head, Hunted Away from Microsoft
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Back in the good old days, headhunters never got sued. If a lawyer went nuts on you, there was always a good shrink available. Being a headhunter meant never having to say you were sorry. Corporate law has evolved substantially since then.

SEO Sales and Services – Consulting Cuts Complexity

Over the past two years, both the business and practice of search engine marketing have become much more complex. The same is true of the websites search engine marketers work with. The evolving design techniques and technologies that have made the website of today far more versatile than those of previous years, have also made them harder to work with for third party service vendors such as SEOs.

Yahoo Rebrands European Divisions

Yahoo has merged all its European search products under one common business brandname, Yahoo Europe. Two years ago, Yahoo acquired the original PPC engine Overture, which had previously purchased Alta Vista and AlltheWeb, the search engine designed by the Norwegian search firm FAST.

Arachnophilia, the Joy of Playing with Spiders

Spiders make great geek pets, at least virtual ones do. Here at StepForth, we keep a couple spiders on our system to test sites, pages and documents in the hopes of learning more about the behaviours of common search engine spiders such as GoogleBot, Yahoo’s Slurp and MSNBot.

Identity Theft on the Rise – Scarier than Click Fraud

Many search industry observers see click fraud as the number one threat to the growth of the Internet economy. An even greater threat has emerged one that not only places the entire infrastructure of the Internet at risk, it also threatens non-Net users.

Christmas Time for Search Marketing

Christmas is coming. Six months from [June 25th], retailers and E-Tailers relying on a strong holiday season will be assessing the bounties of the season. The winter holiday season is the most important segment of the year for North American retail businesses, often accounting for more than half of annual revenues.

Google Stock Soars Past $300 and May 2005 Stats

Buoyed by a bevy of new product launches this week, Google’s red-hot stock rose above the $300/share mark earlier this week.

Google Wallet to Fatten Google’s Wallet

This week, Google leaked information about another very smart thing they’ve done. Google is about to introduce an online payment system to help facilitate e-commerce.

Summer 2005, Must be the Season of the Niche

The summer of 2005 is going to be an interesting one. The world of search will be fundamentally different by Labour Day.

Sneaky Spam

Spam is everywhere. There is almost never a day that goes by where I don’t find my inbox flooded with dozens, if not hundreds of spam emails.

Jack Kilby, Inventor of the Microchip, Dies at Age 81

Jack Kilby, the man whose invention of the integrated circuit in 1958 led to the power of today’s microchip, died Monday at age 81.

Cosmetic Changes at Google Precede Larger Overhaul

Google is undergoing some of the most sweeping changes in its short, seven year history.

Google Patent Study

Two months ago, Google released a 63-point patent document outlining how it examines historical data associated with websites and documents in its index.

Tasting Bourbon Major Back-link and Index Update Underway

They say that today is the first day of the rest of your life. That makes everyday an important one though as we all know, some days are much more important than others. Today is one of those days.

Search Dominates New Advertising Spending

Google and Yahoo are eating lunch on what used to be the expense accounts of the largest advertising and information venues in the world.

Yahoo and Google continue to update SERPs

Google’s most recent update is taking longer than usual to complete. As reported here two weeks ago, Google is updating its algorithm and this update is causing volatility in the search engine results under various keywords and keyword phrases.

Yahoo vs. FindWhat: Round 2 in 30 Days

Yahoo’s paid search marketing division (formerly known as Overture) sued the smaller PPC firm FindWhat for patent infringement back in 2002.

Google Gone Yahoo?

They say that everything old becomes new again. This adage is proving true in the search engine world as well with Google adopting a personalization plan that makes it look a lot like Yahoo and other search portals.

Trouble at the ODP

The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited directory of web sites and documents existing online at this time. While many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN maintain larger databases of electronically spidered sites, the volunteer editors at the ODP read, sort and classify all submitted content before it is added to their search-database.

Search Engines Index 85% of Visible Web Content

According to a recent study co-written by Ask Jeeves Director of Advanced Products Antonio Gulli and University of Iowa’s Alessio Signorini, the major search engines have managed to index nearly 85% of the estimated 11.5 billion documents that make up the “visible web”.

SEM Growing More Complex

Working out a marketing plan for new and evolving websites is a bit more complicated than it used to be. There are a few new things to be considered before embarking on a search marketing campaign than in previous years. Search marketing has become more important and is thus becoming more professional.

Google and Yahoo Updating Rankings

Both Google and Yahoo appear to be updating their listings at this time. Searchers and SEOs have reported major fluctuations in search engine results pages over the past two days.

SES Toronto 2005 Follow-Up – Serious Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a sensible vocation. Driven by many of the same basic tenets that inform the traditional marketing sector, the goal is to be sure one’s clients’ products are among the first people think of when looking for that certain something those clients create.