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Jim Hedger works with Metamend Search Engine Marketing as a SEO Consultant, lead copywriter and head blog writer. Jim has been involved in the SEO field since the days of the dinosaurs and felt he had lost a personal friend when Disney went "ol' Yeller" on Infoseek. Over the course of his career, Jim has gotten drunk with Jeeves the Butler, tossed sticks to that sock-puppet dog from Pets.com and come out of a staring contest with Googlebot confidently declaring a tie. When not traveling between conferences, Jim lives with a perpetually annoyed cat named Hypertext in the Pacific techno-outport of Victoria British Columbia.
Changing Faces of Search Marketing

A year of unprecedented change in the search engine landscape and online business environment has forced many SEOs and SEMs to alter and, in some cases, drastically rethink the services they offer and the techniques they use.

Google vs. Yahoo for Manchester United

Last week, European cell phone maker Vodaphone announced it was ending its four-year sponsorship of Manchester United two years early.

New World Wide Web Emerging: Meet the New Network

An interesting phenomenon is coming to a monitor near you, perhaps the one you are looking at right now.

Holiday Search Marketing – This Year There is Still Time

This is a unique year for search engine marketers. In previous years, it could take anywhere from one to three months to see results from a website optimization.

Changes Blur the Scenery Along the Digital Divide

The line it is drawn the curse it is cast The slow one now will later be fast As the present now will later be past The order is rapidly fadin’. And the first one now will later be last For the times they are a-changin’. – (Bob Dylan, 1963)

Christmas Tips, courtesy of the Shoposphere…Yahoo!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… We are proud to welcome you to the one, the only, the uniquely meglomartical Yahoo Shoposphere!

Planning and Networking Key to Marketing Success
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The searchable universe has expanded enormously over the past year. From the doubling or tripling of the size of search engine indexes to the evolution of several engines with unique focuses, the amount of data accessible by search engine users has grown faster this year than any other since the dawn of the public, commercial Internet.

Why are Bugs Called Bugs?

Have you ever wondered why we call software or hardware errors “bugs”? What a strange word to describe a mistake.

Google Personalization Patent Filed

Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results.

OzzieGate – Microsoft Ship in Changing Seas

A memo that reportedly leaked from Microsoft has been making the rounds of the tech media.

AOL Confirms Discussions with Search Engines

Two weeks ago, AOL CEO Richard Parsons dismissed speculation that his company, part of the Time Warner media empire, was in negotiations with Yahoo, MSN and/or Google. Rumours of these talks had been circulating for weeks in publications as diverse as the Wall St. Journal and Search Engine Watch.

Yahoo and Google Algo Update Information

Yahoo announced yesterday that a minor update to its ranking algorithm was implemented over the weekend.

Revolution 2.1

The second Internet revolution has clearly started to take shape. Remember the massive changes forecast by hundreds of tech-writers, including myself, for the past two years? While slower in coming than expected, the last critical stage for their mass adoption of these changes, their introduction, appears to have begun. Welcome to Revolution 2.1.

Time of the Essence for Online Advertisers

Online advertising is entering a fourth phase of innovation. Each of the previous waves of online marketing innovation has directly influenced or informed the development of successive waves.

Jagger Update2 to be Upgraded…

They say both good and bad things come in threes. Historically, Google updates have provided both good and bad things for search engine optimizers, though generally not in that order.

MSN BookSearch

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it too was going to begin the digitalization of as many published works as possible.

All Your Bases are Belonging to Google

Google is rumoured to be developing a tool so powerful it could dominate the online auction and classified advertising sectors.

Splogs + Scraping + AdSense = Fraud

The other day, an article appeared in Search Engine Journal suggesting webmasters monetize their sites using Google AdSense.

Microsoft Accused of Being Nice?

Wednesday morning, when I awoke to my cat Hypertext using my arm as a scratching post, my sixth sense told me that something, somewhere had shifted overnight.

SEO Business – The Joys of Reselling

As a facet of the Internet economy, search engine optimization is a specialized service that shares several characteristics with other web-based businesses. While the objects of our labours might be seen and used by millions of unique people in millions of unique places…

64% of Search Advertisers Failing to Follow SEO Recommendations
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The most unique aspect of the Internet, the very thing that makes it different from every other communications medium is, in many cases, one of its least understood characteristics.

More on the Google – Sun Microsystems Deal

Tuesday, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt and Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy held a mid-morning press conference to announce a distribution partnership between the two online giants.

Blogging to Save the Butler

After learning the fate of Jeeves, the long serving butler mascot of Ask Jeeves fame, a number of bloggers have banded together to try to resurrect the affable chap from the dotcom dustheap.

Search Engine Advertising Choices

Search advertisers are offered two basic marketing models, paid-ads and free organic ads. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both models, one clearly stands out as a better advertising option than the other.