About Jim Hedger

Jim Hedger works with Metamend Search Engine Marketing as a SEO Consultant, lead copywriter and head blog writer. Jim has been involved in the SEO field since the days of the dinosaurs and felt he had lost a personal friend when Disney went "ol' Yeller" on Infoseek. Over the course of his career, Jim has gotten drunk with Jeeves the Butler, tossed sticks to that sock-puppet dog from Pets.com and come out of a staring contest with Googlebot confidently declaring a tie. When not traveling between conferences, Jim lives with a perpetually annoyed cat named Hypertext in the Pacific techno-outport of Victoria British Columbia.
Microsoft’s Flashy Failure

In 2004, Microsoft lost an important lawsuit to Eolas Technologies.

SES Toronto 2006

Attending a Search Engine Strategies Conference has been likened to having an encyclopedia downloaded into your mind in two or three intense days of concentrated information sessions.

MediaBot – New Google Agent Confirmed

Website owners and administrators might have noticed a new search spider agent appearing in their site logs. It appears that Google has another bot operating out there.

62% of Users Click on First Page Results

A new whitepaper by the search marketing firm, iProspect shows that 62% of search users click on links found on the first page of search results.

NYT Discovers SEO

A story that ran in last Sunday’s New York Times shows that the world of mainstream journalism is finally waking up to the importance of SEO.

User Behaviour and Google Site Profiles

StepForth’s methods of providing search engine optimization services for Google rankings have evolved significantly over the past year.

Is Google No.1 Forever?

Google is without a doubt the world’s number one search engine. According to the research firm Neilsen/NetRatings, Google’s share of the global search market in February 2006 was 48.5%, more than double the 22.5% share its nearest rival Yahoo saw.

Animals in Pants – Ask Ad Spots

Ask.Com is advertising. It recently released two commercials intended for US audiences, both of which use monkeys to express ideas an older English butler could not.

Microsoft’s Mistakes Proving Costly

The wizards of Redmond turn thirty this year. Officially founded in 1976, Microsoft appears to have lost its edge as it enters its third full decade.

GoogleBot the “Spider of Doom”

A funny story is circulating in tech circles about how Googlebot inadvertently destroyed the database of a content management system (CMS) based site that took months of work to build.

Google Update – Changes Done, Changes Coming

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief search engineer, provided a long Q and A session on his blog Tuesday.

The Changing Facets of the SEO Business

The word “change” has over a dozen definitions, at least according to my electronic source at Princeton University.

Google Base Seen in General Search Results

Results drawn from Google Base have started to appear in search results drawn for certain keywords.

Complexity Compels Changes for SEO Firms

The process of search engine optimization and placement has undergone a number of fundamental changes over the past year.

Microsoft Replaces MSN with Windows Live

Microsoft is replacing MSN Search with a new search interface, Windows Live.

Google Settles Click-Fraud Class Action

Search Engine Watch reported that Google has agreed to pay approximately $90million into a fund to settle a click-fraud based class-action suit brought against it by Lanes Gifts and Collectibles.

Measuring Success as an SEO

“How do I know if my SEO campaign has been successful?”

NeoSEO, Optimization in The Emerging Search Sphere

About ten years ago my brother and I ventured to the Edge of the World. It is located a few hundred kilometers (120mi) northwest of Thunder Bay Ontario.

Bridging the Corporate Knowledge Gap – Conferencing with Execs

The room was excellent, providing seating for about 50 people per session.

Google Users Display Biggest Brand Loyalty

For years, the major search engines have been building membership lists by offering a diverse range of services to registered users.

Injunction Pending Against Google Image Search

“In spite of the huge benefit search engines like Google provide”, US District Court Judge, A Howard Matz has ruled that that images drawn from a pornographic, membership based site Perfect10, might violate US copyright laws.

Advertisers Continue to Adopt Online Marketing Strategies

An annual survey conducted by IT Analytics firm Outsell Inc. concludes that just over 80% of advertisers are using some form of Internet Marketing with a definite emphasis on search marketing.

Lycos Looking Forward: an Interview with COO Brian Kalinowski

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Lycos. Long lost amidst the choppy seas of corporate change, Lycos was once one of the ruling elite.

US Congress Expresses Disgust with US Tech Firms Relations with China

“I do not understand how your corporate leadership sleeps at night,” said California Democratic Representative Tom Lantos, addressing executives of the major search engines earlier today.