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Jim Hedger works with Metamend Search Engine Marketing as a SEO Consultant, lead copywriter and head blog writer. Jim has been involved in the SEO field since the days of the dinosaurs and felt he had lost a personal friend when Disney went "ol' Yeller" on Infoseek. Over the course of his career, Jim has gotten drunk with Jeeves the Butler, tossed sticks to that sock-puppet dog from Pets.com and come out of a staring contest with Googlebot confidently declaring a tie. When not traveling between conferences, Jim lives with a perpetually annoyed cat named Hypertext in the Pacific techno-outport of Victoria British Columbia.
Digital Marketing and ROI – Attract, Retain and Convert


“psst… Hey buddy, ya wanna chant a mantra?”

I have a simple three word mantra that cuts to the heart of successful website promotion. If you are ever asked to describe the essence of digital marketing in three words, use these ones. Attract, Retain, Convert.

Digital Marketing and ROI – Digital Marketing Choices
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“I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.”, John Wanamaker 1838 – 1922, founder of the first American department stores and 35th US Postmaster General.

Digital Marketing and ROI – The Rules Rewritten

All media is now digital. Holdouts which have not yet converted are desperately trying to figure out how to make the transition happen. As of February 2009, television signals will only be broadcast digitally; a leap necessitated by the immutable laws of physics, economics and government.

SEM Canada Reaches Out
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Organizing an emerging search marketing conference series is difficult. Beyond the choice of topics and speakers, there are a range of structural and financial issues to be worked through, public relations to be conducted and marketing efforts to be undertaken. Competing with a growing number of other conferences, gatherings and seminars, new search marketing shows have to climb a slope steeper than most.

Analytically Speaking Evangelists Needed
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 Almost five months ago, I and several other writers suggested that 2008 was going to be the “Year of Analytics”. As the year approaches the half-way point, it turns out we were collectively half correct. The first five months of 2008 have seen a great deal of attention granted to analytics and the companies that provide them.

SEO Step Ten Of Ten: Keeping It Up
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Sustaining Search Rankings and Increasing Site Conversions

Over the past three months, the WebmasterRadio.FM show Webcology and WebProNews have run a joint series of radio shows with corresponding articles on the ten basic steps or stages shared by most effective SEO campaigns. Today, we cover the last section (but certainly not final points) in a round-up article aptly named, “Keeping It Up”.

SEO Step Four of Ten: Content Optimization
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Welcome to part four in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

Jill Whalen Interviewed at SES San Jose

This is Jill Whalen’s fifth or sixth interview of the day, a fact I am critically conscious of before sitting down to speak with her at 2pm on the second day of last week’s SES conference.

A few hours earlier, I breezed through the pressroom to check my emails and sort of eavesdropped on one of them. Watching Jill stir patiently while answering age-old questions is making me nervous. Obviously I needed to come up with some better questions.

Google Iceberg (beta)

Ever seen an iceberg? They are magnificent ice mountains, frozen floating islands bobbing around the most northern and southern oceans.

Can My Site Rank Well on all Four Major Engines?

One of the most frequently asked questions readers and clients email StepForth Placement’s SEO staff, revolves around how websites can be best optimized to meet the algorithmic needs of each of the major 4 search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.

Google Looking into Radio AdWords

Google has invented, innovated on, acquired or purchased a number of technologies over the past two years to bolster its online advertising business. AdWords is arguably the most successful advertising program ever and Google is obviously not content to focus solely on Internet advertising.

Big 3 Search Engines Building on Columbia River

Google, Yahoo and MSN are all building massive datacenters along the Columbia River in southern Washington State and northern Oregon .

Being a Bigdaddy Jagger Meister

It took a little while to start to figure it out. Such things almost always do. After months of observation, research, discussion and debate, Search Engine Optimization experts appear to be getting a better handle on the effects of Google’s Bigdaddy infrastructure upgrades.

Search Environment Prompts Specialization

The first six months of 2006 have been a period of expansion, growth and significant change in the search marketing universe.

MSN Search ODP Opt-Out Option

MSN search has introduced an Open Directory (ODP or DMOZ) opt-out meta tag allowing webmasters and search marketers the option of preventing an erroneous or miswritten Open Directory description from appearing as part of MSN search results.

SE Wars Get Social – Battleground MySpace

A new battlefront in the ongoing business war between Google and Microsoft appears to be opening around the popular social network MySpace.com.

The Revolution Will Be Televised…

As it turns out, the revolution will be televised, or sort of televised anyway. Actually, it starts as a commercial.

eBay Offers Eight Months of Free Skype Calls

eBay Tuesday announced that its VOIP client, Skype , will be offered free for all outgoing calls made within Canada and the United States until the end of December 2006.

Apple vs. Apple Takes Weird BBC Bounce

On Monday, the BBC managed to interview the wrong person, live on air, over the settlement of the Apple Records vs. Apple Computer trademark suit.

Bigdaddy Timeline, Courtesy of Matt Cutts

Sometime around January or February, a number of webmasters began to notice that Google had somehow “lost” huge portions of their websites.

AdWords For Google Base Listings

Google is encouraging users to promote products and services listed on Google Base through its AdWords program.

AlltheWeb is Back – Yahoo Introduces LiveSearch

AlltheWeb almost became one of the world’s most popular search engines a few years ago but was quickly forgotten during Google’s meteoric rise.

Apple Computers Take a Bite Out of ApplePie

What’s in a name? Lee Roberts makes a shopping cart, content management solution known as ApplePieCart, or more appropriately, he used to.

Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook

Mona Elesseily has nearly five years experience crafting Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) campaigns for her clients but over the last 16-months, she has been absolutely immersed.