About Jim Byrne

Jim Byrne is the Director of accessible web design consultancy 'The Making Connections Unit'(MCU) he co-founded in 1996. He is the author of 'Making Websites Accessible' published by SAIF in 2003. The MCU can help web publishers attract more visitors, reduce support costs, and avoid accessibility related legal problems. Accessible web design training is provided in partnership with ScotConnect (http://www.scotconnect.com). Web: http://www.mcu.org.uk
How to make non-text elements accessible – some notes
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Making non-text elements, particularly images, accessible is fundamental to accessible web design; even if you attended to this issue alone, you would make a big impact on the accessibility of your site.

Accessible web text – sizing up the issues

In part 2 of my introduction to accessible web text, I explore the issues surrounding text size; explain what all the fuss is about; and suggest some useful approaches you can adopt to ensure the text on your web pages will be readable to your visitors.