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Is There Enough You in Your Newsletter?

For the last two months, I’ve been taking Izzy (my five- month old yellow lab puppy) to puppy class. He’s learned a lot about how to behave in public. And I’ve learned a lot about him in comparison to his classmates.

Is Your Thinking Deflating Your Profits More than Google’s Florida Updates?

You spent a ton of time getting your website just right for Google. And now your site has sunk to the very bottom of the results for several key phrases.

Make a Great Impression in 600 Pixels

If your newsletter’s in HTML or print, you need a nameplate (the banner that displays the name of your newsletter).

Designing a nameplate is similar to creating a company logo. Typically, you’ll want a design that’s memorable, compact (size-wise), and classic enough to last two or more years.

Do You Commit These Seven Deadly Newsletter Sins? Part I

Why do you publish a newsletter? Is it to inform, delight, and educate readers? Then you’re halfway to newsletter success. But there are still pitfalls to be aware of. In part one, we’ll cover the deadliest of them all: lack of subscribe functionality, bad design, and being boring.

10 Can’t Miss Article Topics Readers Will Love

You sit down to write the first article for your third issue. That’s when it hits you. There’s nothing left to write about!

Do You “Do” Voices?

When you write an article, is it all about you? Your thoughts, your insights, your opinions, your voice? Or do you include other people’s voices in the form of interviews and research?

Banish Boring Photos

The average newsletter generally has average photos: headshots, people shaking hands or talking on the phone. If you’re looking to invigorate your photos, try these tips.

What to Write About When There’s Nothing Left to Write About

You sit down to write the first article for your third issue. That’s when it hits you. There’s nothing left to write about!

Using Color in HTML Newsletter Design

Looking over the newsletters below, you may wonder if this is one of those personality tests based on your color preferences. And in some ways, it is.

The Colors of Space in Newsletter Design

In design-speak, all documents have a combination of white space, gray space, and black space, even if they use colored paper and colored headlines. The white space is the paper, the black space is the headlines, and the gray space is the text.

Are You Asking For It? Part I

A newsletter can be a fantastic way to lure new customers, but without the right bait, you can send out line after line (or issue after issue) and not get a single bite.

How to Write Content That Matters, a conversation with Sean D’Souza

A master of metaphor, Sean D’Souza writes articles that astound readers. He gives readers what they want, and then some.

You might think writing articles as powerful as D’Souza’s would require epic talent, but in fact, D’Souza says, it all starts with a headline.

Double Your Subscribers in 60 Days!

Can you double your subscriber base just by following some simple instructions or signing up for a program at some website?

Are You Asking For It? Part III

We’ve saved the best for last!

In part III of our series on maximizing your newsletter’s power as a salesperson, we’ll show you how to optimize three key areas in your newsletter once for sales indefinitely.

That’s Not Spam, That’s My Newsletter!

For those of us who receive way too many unsolicited emails, Spam filters are a blessing. Switch to the publisher’s side of the desk, though, and Spam filters can become problematic.

Seven Ways to Recycle Old Articles

Are you writing articles for your monthly newsletter only to publish them once and never use them again? Successful writers resell their articles multiple times for maximum exposure. Why don’t you maximize your exposure, and put those articles to work for you by exploring your reprint options?

Are You Asking For It? Part II

Every day we get dozens of letters from frustrated company newsletter publishers who want to know why their newsletter’s not selling like they think it should.

Habeas: Friend or Foe to Newsletter Publishers?

Lately many of you have sent me emails about a new company, Habeas. Many of you have read the frightening predictions abounding on the Internet that Habeas spells the end of email marketing. After reading many such predictions myself, I wanted to get a perspective straight from Habeas CEO Anne P Mitchell. She was gracious enough to sit down with me and discuss her company and what it means to company newsletter publishers.

Should a Newsletter Be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

For some companies, a newsletter may be an extraordinary way to increase profits. It may lead double customer retention and triple the lifetime value of your customers. But, that doesn’t mean it’s for every company.

Transform Clients into Business Partners for Increased Profits

Ideally, a business partner promotes your business; they’re always on the lookout for new markets, and they work to find ways to improve your product or service.

Your Newsletter As Search Engine Superhero?

Newsletters are magical things — they can attract customers, increase company profits, establish expertise and much more. But, did you know they can also help you increase your search engine rankings?

Ezine Readers Not Biting? Change the Bait

A newsletter can be a fantastic way to lure new customers, but without the right bait, you can send out line after line (or issue after issue) and not get a single bite.

What should you be baiting your newsletter with? Let’s take a look:

25 Easy Ways to Double Subscribers to Your Email Newsletter

What’s the key to getting more subscribers to your email list? We talked with clients to discover what they do to grow their lists, and we compiled their 25 most applicable ideas.

Don’t Let Your HTML Email Newsletter Break!

Want to increase your newsletter subscribe rates, build your brand, and increase your orders? Then it’s time to consider publishing an HTML version of your newsletter. Afraid of HTML errors? Here are six steps to cleaner newsletters, fewer errors, and a great HTML experience for you and your readers.