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Jerry Bowles has more than 30 years of varied experience as a writer, editor, marketing consultant, corporate communications director and blogger. For the past 20 years, he has produced and written special supplements on new technologies for a number of magazines, including Forbes, Fortune and Newsweek.

The Business Value in Enterprise 2.0

Recently some of regulars have done a great job of focusing in on how Enterprise 2.0 differs from Web 2.0 and why those differences matter.

How to Sell Social Software
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An awful lot of social software vendors operate under the old field of dreams theory that “if you build it, they will come.”

SOASTA Founder Talks SOA and Services

Ken Gardner is founder and Executive Chairman of SOASTA, a privately-held technology company focused on developing visual software tools for the testing, certification, and demonstration of SOA-based systems.

Google: Official Tree Hugger

Show me a good corporate environmental citizen and I’ll show you a company that is more concerned about cutting costs or saving money by eliminating waste from its processes than it is about melting Arctic ice floes.

The Edelman Disaster
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The Republican party and Edelman, the public relations firm, have something in common these days. Both are suffering a crisis of confidence of their own making.