About Jeremy Schoemaker

Years ago I found myself on unemployment and in debt but with many service oriented websites. Determined never to work for "the man" again over the next several years I learned how to monetize those websites through donation, subscription, direct sales, contextual advertising and affiliate advertising. People say that I have a knack for seeing marketing angles that most people do not. I work hard, party hard, and have a relentless work ethic when something catches my interest.

ShoeMoney’s Tips On Being A Successful Online Marketer

Some random thoughts been going through my mind lately I have been meaning to put down somewhere. Here seems like a good place. Here is some of the things I seem to be saying a lot in emails to people who are asking advice.

Surround Yourself With Other Successful Marketers – You know what they say about success breeding ? Its very true. Surrounding yourself (even if its in instant messanger) with successful people is probably the single biggest step in the right direction of achieving success with internet marketing.

OpenID – The Good and Bad

I’ve had some interesting conversations with people lately regarding OpenID. What is OpenID?

Harmful MyBlogLog Exploit

You know how when you goto peoples websites it knows your there? That is because of your cookie. Unfortunately that same cookie can also be used for a cross site script basically making you execute commands without your knowledge. I do not what to get into the exact code to make this work but I see people are doing it now.

If you look at my profile on MyBlogLog You will see 2 sites that I did not add.

Removing IE 7

Fun fun fun! I just spent the last 30 mins trying to figure out how to uninstall internet explorer 7 from my pc after finding out its incompatable with the few applications I even keep windows around for.

If you try to do it just by going to add/remove software you wont find it. Here is how you have to do it:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click Add or Remove Programs

3. Click Show Updates checkbox

4. Click whatever version of IE7 you have. For example "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview"

Nick Wilson Returns To Salvage Performancing Deal

Yesterday I said that I noticed that performancing.com was dead and now going to some Louisville blog.

Things ShoeMoney Wishes MyBlogLog Would Do

I had this post in my drafts for over 10 days now.

Favorite WordPress Tricks and Plugins
· 4

After having Problogger.net’s – Darren Rowse on my show and Matt Mullenweg (wordpress creator) on the show last week I thought I would keep with the blog theme and share my favorite tricks and plugins that I do with my blog.

Bidding for Lower than Top Few Spots a Waste of $?

Question : When doing SEM with Azoogle Ads or CJ, do you think it’s a waste of money to bid for anything lower than the top few spots in sponsored search?

Who Would Hire Matt Cutts?

From one of Matts posts I recently got the impression that he might be getting a little sour taste in his mouth from the Google Kool-Aid and possibly looking for a change from Google.

Must See Video form Pubcon Vegas

My Good Friend Marcus Tandler came all the way from Germany to goto the 2006 Las Vegas Pubcon last month.