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PR in a Blogger Versus Journalist World
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Or to be more exact, what is the role of public relations (not publicity) in a world where journalism and blogging continue to butt heads? It’s a conversation I’ve been having with friends and industry colleagues, and should be front …

How are you Tying up Your Client into a Recession Pitch?

An interesting article in the New York Times today – Is It a Recession? Marketers Seem to Think So – highlights how that the marketing industry is ramping up spending, even if this might be a recession (and, well, we cannot say we are in a recession yet, according to statistics).

According to the article:

Two Sides of the Internet

The Internet can always be amusing, or interesting or just plain frustrating. It really just depends on what side of the fence you are, on any given subjects.

Blogworld: PR Dos & Don’ts

Lead by Sue Bohle – a few friends on the panel, including Brian Solis and John Earnhardt of Cisco. Eastman Kodak, SAP, PRWeb and BlogAds were also part of the panel.

BlogWorld Expo – Blogging Ethics

Amy Gahran ran her panel at the Blog World Expo on Ethics – with a cool group of people, including friends Lynne Johnson of Fast Company and Toby Bloomberg.

PR will lose Social Media to Advertising Due to Sex

Okay, not necessarily sex – but advertising does know how to make mundane things sexy.

Reputation – Both Corporate & Personal

It has been an interesting week – a few blog posts out there attacking others, a nice article on online reputation that was syndicated from the Seattle Times, and a phone call via Facebook asking me about … defending your reputation because of blogs.

The Myopia of the Valley

Robert Scoble just rips apart the NewTeeVee conference as missing the boat. And, while he might have a few points on his list of 40 … he forgets the audience, those that are going to come to the conference.

Is the audience for this conference the more advanced veterans, or is it for the new audiences (and, well, corporations) that are trying to figure out (still) what to do in all this new media, including the NewTeeVee world?

Corporate Image in the Age of Social Technologies

Every company is a media company now – so sayeth Richard Edelman during his presentation.

Social Networking & UGC in Today’s Media Environment

From the Playboy perspective with Christie Hefner – that true brands represent attitude and a point of view, that can be moved from one product to another. It can play in different spaces.

The Community of TechCrunch

I’m sitting here today at the TechCrunch40, listening to various companies pitch their wares to the people and press that are attending (I’m here as invited press, so will give overview of the companies and what I thought).

Making the Most of Video

Varying the format, just notes from the discussion on Video with Robert Scoble of Podtech and hosted by Howard Greenstein. It was supposed to be on the future of video, as well as revenue sources and programming and turned into a discussion on copyrights and the Internet and distribution model.

Healthcare PR & Social Media

Recently, I sat on a panel for PRSA Healthcare on social media. I brought along the PR blogger perspective, and sat on it with the VP at Technorati and Amy Tenderich, from Diabetes Mine.

Healthcare is different from other practices in PR. You have the whole direct-to-consumer guidelines from the FDA, and then you have a ton of other issues in dealing with the press and social media.

Bullying & Cyberbullying

Bullying is a serious issue. It makes people feel bad, makes them do things that they might not necesarily want to do, and forces people’s hands. Cyberbullying is worse – it takes all those things, puts them online in blogs or journals or social networks, and ramps it up a level via emails, Twitters and text messaging, and instant messages.

The Future of Video – Now

We are in PR. We know the medium is the message, and people love videos. PR has used video news releases and satellite media tours to great results – I always had great returns on SMTs, and think that they were great hits for the clients. But, we ran into some problems there, didn’t we.

Ramping up for Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is coming. It’s in Miami. It’s a big event … for advertisers. And, well, while the costs are high – to the tune of $2.6M for 30 seconds – the build up and after-game buzz can help make or break an ad.

At CES as a Reporter (OK, a Blogger)

This is the year that CES has fully opened the door for bloggers to apply, and then worked with the Blog Business Summit people to “vet” the bloggers to make sure that they had not just started a blog a couple days prior to get a blogger pass.

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

Can Rubenstein Help Save Kramer?

In Silicon Valley, there is one must read – it’s TechMeme. Gabe Rivera has done a great job at getting the zeitgeist of the Web 2.0 and blogging leaders – and heck, I’m in there, so it’s gotta be great.

Lessons from Blog Business Summit

There is a dichotomy at the Blog Business Summit; it is not a bad dichotomy, but it is interesting.

Quick Thoughts on Edelman

Some PR news on the front page of TechMeme today.

Second Life Convention: SL Views and my views

The second day of SLCC has been pretty much a full day of sessions, originally I was planning to go to the non-profits in Second Life (which was led by the person from American Cancer Society), and wanted to tie that into Camp ASCCA (the blog has uploaded its 300th media clip today, congrats Robert French) and Ike Piggot, who has put Accentuate the Positive 2.0 on hold for a big job at American Red Cross….

Second Life Convention Intro and Mitch Kapor

At the Second Life Convention, the presentation is about the convergence of Second Life and Real Life.

SL Con. – Building Your Brand and Marketing

With Second Life, it is about a relationship. At the end of the day, it’s about harnessing the community and the brand for the better good. Building the new brands with the community – it is a new revenue stream for traditional companies.