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yTunes Launched!
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Okay, it’s actually called Yahoo! Music Engine (or YME for short), but a lot of us at the office prefer to call it yTunes.

How Much Does Anchor Text Matter?

One of my all time favorite web searches is for the words “click here.” Whenever someone asks how much anchor text matters, I tell them to search for those two little words.

FAA Making Sure Boeing 737 Doesn’t Explode

With the help of aircraft makers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) often requires aircraft owners to make changes to their planes.

Yahoo Seeking Contextual Search Scientist/Engineers

From time to time I post jobs here. We have a couple openings in our contextual search group.

Tech Journalists Getting Fed Up With NDAs and Embargos

I read Molly Wood’s Inside tech journalism: the NDA game with great interest for two reasons.

Firefox Market Share on O’Reilly Sites

Over on O’Reilly Radar, Tim writes about the browser stats they’re seeing across the O’Reilly Network and summarizes by saying…

Winning the Inbox Battle in Thunderbird

This has been a quiet week at work: no big projects, few meetings, several coworkers gone.

Yahoo! 360 Team Start Blog

The Yahoo! 360 team has a blog, hosted on Yahoo! 360 of course. Good move. I forsee more Y! team blogs.

Search Engine Ingredient Labels?

Halley recently wrote about the lack of search engine transparency in Search Products On The Supermarket Shelf and said …

Wikis for Yahoo Users?

Swaroop wants to Wikify Yahoo! Notepad. Did you even know we had a Yahoo! Notepad? I bet many of you did not.

Web-Mail Bridges Gap Between Thunderbird and Web Based Email

A coworker pointed out the Mozilla Web-Mail project: “The Web-Mail extension creates a platform which other extensions use to integrate web based email accounts into Mozilla Thunderbird.

MySQL Users Conference Coming Up
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The 2005 MySQL Users Conference isn’t far off. It runs from April 18th – 21st at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

What if Intelliseek Bought Technorati?

The more I think about Intelliseek, the more I think they’ll either try to muscle Technorati out of their market or they’ll buy ‘em.

Yahoo Has Its Mojo Back

I’ve seen numerous folks commenting on Om Malik’s recent posting about Yahoo: How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back. In it he credits several things…

The Flickr Analogy

Earlier today, we invited a group of folks to Yahoo for a preview of Yahoo! 360. Danah Boyd wrote a bit about the event this evening.

The Future of WordPress and MovableType

There more I look at the blogging “market” these days, I see things falling into fairly well defined places–at least in my head.

Respect for Web Developers

Back when I was first paid to build web-based applications (around 1998 or so), the world of Web Development as we know it today did not exist.

Yahoo Buys Flickr

The first time I used Flickr, I knew it was something different and something important.

Transparensee’s Discovery Search Engine

In Grokking Transparensee, John Battelle of the said the following: This is powerful stuff when you think about it …

What About Microsoft’s Upcoming Contextual Advertising System?

I keep reading all these speculative posts about Yahoo getting into the contextual advertising game …

To Portal or not To Portal? Wrong question.

It seems that the portalization of Google comes up now and then. I just ran across …

Lunchtime Blogging Presentation by Charlene Li

Forrester analyst and blogger Charlene Li spoke to a packed room of marketing, PR, and other interested folks today at Yahoo.

Hello Google Desktop Search, Goodbye Yahoo Desktop Search

Finally there’s a desktop search product that’s actually useful to me: Google Desktop. I had tried the previous version of GDS a bit …

Visiting Yahoo! Japan

In about 5 hours I hop on a flight from San Jose to Japan. I’m visiting Yahoo! Japan for a few days.