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Fortune Cookie Wisdom for Self-Assessments

Today I’m spending a bit of time to learn about how our annual review and self/co-worker assessments are different from last year.

My Web 2.0 Doesn’t Require Toolbar

PC Magazine reviewed My Web 2.0 and concluded: Though still in beta, the 2.0 version of Yahoo! My Web is a more fully realized social bookmark engine than either del.icio.us or Shadows.

A LOT of Growth Left In Search Advertising

Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta to participate on a panel about “Harnessing the Buzz Power of Blogs” at the annual conference for the Direct Marketing Association.

Unlimited Spam Blogs For $247

“This Is Not Simply A Blog and Ping Tool! RSS to Blog Pro Is A Full Automated Content Blogging Solution For Your Business.” …

Playing with Sphere Beta

Tony Conrad, CEO of Sphere, came by Yahoo! on Friday to give a few of us a look at the blog search technology they’ve been building.

Blogs as the Web Evolves…

The picture at the right comes from one of my favorite groups on Flickr: California Desert. I like this image in particular, because you get the sense that there are times when a path is quite clear.

Teens Don’t Use Yahoo!

Jeffrey McManus posted some notes from a session about “What Teens Want” at the Web 2.0 conference. Much of it isn’t terribly surprising …

Yahoo! Podcasts Plugin for Yahoo! Music Engine
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You didn’t think we’d launch a podcast site without also doing something to make it easy to get this stuff in Yahoo! Music Engine, did you …

Zawodny: My Blog is For Sale

I’m kidding. Really, I am. Then again, if someone really thinks it’s worth $2.5 million (or heck, even half of that), I’ll take it.

Oracle Innobase Purchase Impacts MySQL
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As reported in several sources Oracle has acquired Innobase Oy for an undisclosed sum of money.

Following On-Line Conversations is Hard Work!

“Markets are conversations” That phrase comes from the Cluetrain Manifesto and appears frequently in blog postings and comments.

Upcoming.org Team Joins Yahoo!

Over on the Yahoo! Search blog, Paul says: “In just a few years, most of it spent on nights and weekends, the Upcoming team has built an excellent site with a loyal and growing following.

Yahoo! Hiring a Blogmaster in Southern California

I spotted this post on the Digital Squeeze today, which links to a job posting on Craigslist …

Three Year Plans at Internet Companies?

Earlier today I was with a small group entering a conference room for a meeting that I can’t tell you about.

MySQL 5.0 Release Candidate Available

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is nearly over (and well worth it). If you haven’t been following MySQL 5.0 development very closely …

NYT on Yahoo’s Media Plans, Bloggers

Saul Hansell, in a multi-page New York Times story titled “It’s Not TV, It’s Yahoo” describes Yahoo’s new media plans and a few of those leading them.

Goodbye iTunes, Hello Yahoo! Music Engine

A few weeks ago I wrote about My Recent Switches and said: From iTunes to Yahoo! Music Unlimited.

Transparensee Search Technology Applied to Shopping

Steve Lavine, the CEO of Transparnsee, is in town this week and I had a chance to talk with him for an hour or so this afternoon. During that chat, he gave me the green light to show off something I’d seen a few weeks ago when it was still in development.

Lesbian Spanking Stories Made My Life Easier

I was looking at my referral logs recently and noticed a couple hits from google searches for “lesbian spanking stories” hitting one of my pages.

MSN Offering “Blog This” Button on News Stories

Wow, it’s about time the big sites started doing this. Spotted over on the Microsoft Monitor weblog …

Yahoo! Mindset Widget

Corey Porter from Yahoo! Research Labs has created a Widget to get at Yahoo! Mindset.

Of Course Size Matters!

I’ve been trying to stay out of the size debate for the last few days while I digest what others have been saying. Now that I’ve done that, I get to react to a few of the things I’ve been reading.

Yahoo Open or Yahoo Closed?

Well, it seems that I get to quote Greg Linden a second time today. He points to the Yahoo’s Personality Crisis article that’s been stirring up a bit of discussion about whether Yahoo! will be opened or closed.

You Cannot Buy My Traffic…

An email excahnge that I had this week with a dumb spammer (whose company name I have removed) …