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Now Hang On a Sec…

This week it feels like someone must have cursed our house with a Chinese curse and we’ve suddenly been thrust into “interesting times.” Yikes.

About that DOJ Request

I’ve waited several days and thought quite a bit before saying anything about the Department of Justice asking search engines for search data.

Comparing Spam Filters

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch has been running a quantitative comparison of the spam filtering capabilities of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and SpamCop.

Work vs. Life Balance in the Extreme

With all the “work vs. life balance” talk one hears from the executives and HR folks in large Silicon Valley corporations these days (thou shalt not burn out), it should (on the surface, at least) be surprising when folks leave with the intent of not working again for quite a while.

The Google Maps of Aviation Sectional Charts
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Recently someone pointed me at SkyVector.com which can most easily be described as “the Google Maps of Aviation.”

Yahoo! Acquires Unnamed Company

Ah, satire. If you ever wonder whether you company is getting a reputation, just wait for the blogosphere to make fun of you.

Yahoo! Acquires Webjay, Launches Yahoo! Music Blog

I know that Steve Rubel outed the Yahoo! Music Blog back when it was… in beta (yeah, that’s it!).

Slashdot is Going out of Style in 2006?

Okay, since I’m apparently in “2006 doom and gloom” mode here’s another observation that I can re-brand as a 2006 prediction.

Feedster Will Die in 2006?

Is it just me, or has Feedster been completely useless for over 6 months now?

Publishing on the Edge will Change the Game

Keith Teare has published The first law of RSS (updated) which says:

Sponsored Links Update

Well, the last month has been entertaining and educational.

Struck the Sponsored Links Nerve, Did I?

Well, judging by the reaction to my sponsored links post I’ve struck a nerve. And I have to say, it feels like there’s a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of FUD out there. I’m still trying to digest everything. But so far I’ve found that there are at least three sides to this issue.

MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting

As of today, it’s official. You can get MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting.

John Battelle at Yahoo!

As part of the weekly speaker series that our Technology Development Group runs (well, really Chad does all the work), John Battelle visited to speak of a room packed full of Yahoos.

Platforms, Mashups, and Markets

Yesterday Greg Linden asked Is Web 2.0 nothing more than mashups? In that post, he makes the following claim …

Resizable Textarea Extension for Firefox 1.5

The Resizable Textarea extension for Firefox has been incredibly useful for blogs and on-line forms (as well as forums).

Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving

I recently got an iPod Nano, mainly because I’m annoyed at the limitations of my iPod Shuffle on long trips (like flying half way around the world).

Joyce is Getting MyWeb 2.0

I was reading Joyce’s comments on MyWeb 2.0 last night and realized that I needed to write something about it, but I wasn’t sure what. So I waited a bit.

Jeremy Zawodny: The Simple Things

Sometimes the simple things amaze me (or amuse me) most. Here are a few I’ve come across on this trip …

Google is Building Yahoo 2.0

In his posting titled Reading the Google Tea Leaves, Tristan compares various product offerings from Google against those of the “big three” (AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo!) and concludes…

Extend Firefox, Win Prizes
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If you haven’t yet seen the news, there’s a contest going on called Extend Firefox

How To Use the Yahoo Geocoding API in PHP

You know you’ve got some cool APIs when Rasmus takes the time to write some code against them and then show the world how easy it is: GeoCool! …

Yahoo! Local Events Browser Demo

One of the coolest things I’ve seen recently came out of a small group of hackers in the Search group at Yahoo.

Scoble’s Obesssion with Google is Good News

If even a small percentage of Microsoft employees take him seriously (and many at least read his stuff), then this will only serve to help Yahoo.