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Simon’s JavaScript Tutorial

My only regret about missing the first half of ETech last week is that I didn’t get to attend Simon’s JavaScript Tutorial.

Why is on-line Gambling Illegal?

I was reading an article called Catch Me If You Can in which Forbes discusses the success of Calvin Ayre and his Costa Rica based Internet gambling business:

ETech 2006 Thoughts

I spent the last 2 days in San Diego at O’Reilly’s ETech conference.

Firefox Earned $72M in 2005 from Google

The browser business isn’t a half bad place to be, it seems.

Wunder Blog: A blog for Weather Junkies

For years now, the Weather Underground has been my first choice for on-line weather.

SES NYC 2006 Wrap-Up

While I was only at the SES conference for a day, I enjoyed my time there.

Edgeio Thoughts

I’m way behind on stuff I’d planned to write (and read) and am also now partially sleep deprived thanks to weird schedule gyrations, SES New York, and The Fire Alarm From Hell at the Sheraton (a story for later). So take this with a grain of salt or two.

Ranting Against Press Releases

I read with some amusement (and agreement) Tom Foremski’s rant titled Die! Press release! Die! Die! Die!.

Discriminating Trust and Corporate Leaders

Over on the Church of the Customer Blog I read the following:

Yahoo! Developer Network’s PHP Development Center

Woohoo! The PHP Development Center is now live on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

The Boss is Blogging

Bradley Horowitz, who manages the Technology Development Group at Yahoo, has been bitten by the blogging bug.

Tom’s Future of Web Apps, Translated…

I’ve had a tab open in my browser pointing at Tom’s Native to a Web of Data slide for a few days now. It’s been nagging me.

Oracle Acquisitions are Not About MySQL

I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so and have come to the conclusion that Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat Software (and Berkeley DB) is not about MySQL.

Oracle Buys Berkeley DB, Sleepycat Software

Wow, the rumors were true. Oracle is snapping up Open Source Database companies now.

Hey TailRank! Flickr just called…

And they want their error message back!

Yahoo! UI and Design Patterns Released

As noted over on WeBreakStuff:

The Yahoo! Music Blog Rocks

I’ve recently realized that the Yahoo! Music Blog is my new favorite Yahoo blog–official or not.

Loyalty Programs for Search

A number of folks have commented on the survey that some Yahoo! Mail users received about search incentives.

Earn Your Traffic

Seth answers the question “how can I get more traffic?” by questioning the word “get” in the question.

Connecting People Via Search

Ken Norton makes a very interesting observation about “people search”:

When Committees Suck the Life Out of Great Ideas

A few days ago, I saw a nice graphic on the Creating Passionate Users blog which was intended to illustrate Death by risk-aversion:

Google vs. BMW, a Sanity Check

Okay, I’m officially puzzled by those who are complaining about Google’s treatment of BMW’s SEO techniques.

Broken As Designed (BAD)

It’s funny how some services scream their inadequacy at us, yet we continue to use them.

Someone AJAXified mytop!

Check this out. Someone has built and AJAX powered version of mytop, the little console based MySQL monitoring tool I wrote years ago.