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Jeremy Zawodny is the author of the popular Jeremy Zawodny's blog. Jeremy is part of the Yahoo search team and frequently posts in the Yahoo! Search blog as well.

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Zawodny Back in Yahoo Developer Network

Now that the cat’s out of the bag on at least one internal mailing list, I figured I’d mention it here as well.

Thoughts on Microsoft’s Future

The recent Microsoft news (Scoble leaving, Gates taking a reduced role, Ray Ozzie stepping up) combined with the last 10 years worth of evolution in networking and of the web really got me wondering about Microsoft’s role in the future.

Yahoo! Maps API Goes Commercial

As posted on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog:

No Love from Ask.com Blog Search

Apparently my ability to stay under the radar is more effective with some blog search engines than others.

Nofollow No Good?

In Google’s embarrassing mistake, which I thought was going to be about Google Web Accelerator, Dylan calls nofollow a failure.

The hReview Microformat in Yahoo! Tech

Alex points out a nice little gem in the new Yahoo! Tech site. All the reviews are marked up in hReview.

Rethinking the Web OS from a User’s Point of View

When Tim O’Reilly and others began using the term “Web OS” (or sometimes Internet Operating System) to talk about the evolving landscape of companies and web services, I was skeptical.

GData, MySQL, and the Future of on-line Databases

In reading Richard MacManus’ Why Google is extending RSS, I couldn’t help feeling that he was missing the point a bit.

Heading to WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 in Boston

I’m heading out on a late night flight for Boston this evening to attend the WebmasterWorld conference in Boston.

Platforms and Ecosystems

The word “platform” has become quite popular in the Yahoo! vocabulary in recent months.

Bad Names For Good Things

Derek Powazek makes an excellent point in Death to User-Generated Content:

Digg is to Slashdot, as Reddit is to Kuro5hin

After very careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my current understanding of Digg and Reddit can be expressed in the form of an SAT analogy and terms of a pair of “community” sites from the previous generation.

How to Revamp Yahoo! Groups?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Yahoo! Groups recently. This is partly because I’m a member of more than 30 mailing lists hosted there.

The Flip Side

I knew it would happen. Someone would latch onto my story about Yahoo! Finance and extrapolate to the whole company. It’s human nature.

Why Google Finance Makes Me Sad

I’ve had several folks ask me what I think of Google Finance. There’s already a fair amount of good commentary out there on the topic …

MIX06 Thoughts

As previously noted, I’m at Microsoft’s MIX06 conference right now. Sadly, I can only be here for the day due to scheduling problems.

Freecycle and On-Line Local Community Software
· 1

On Friday, Jon Udell came to visit Yahoo and give a longer version of the presentation he delivered at this year’s ETech conference.

Startups, Y Combinator Style

In the last week I’ve had the chance to play with a few new services that have begun to appear:

In Defense of Web Developers, Again

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post titled Respect for Web Developers in which I said:

Aggregated Diminishing Returns and a Feed Diet

It’s easy to get sucked into things. You can sit down with a good book for a few minutes and before you know it, several hours and a few hundred pages have gone by.

Doug Cutting is a Yahoo!

I kinda suspected this day might come:

Backups, On-line Storage, and Stupidity

We’re living in interesting times. With today’s release of Amazon.com’s S3 on-line storage service, we’re one step closer to the cheap on-line storage that so many don’t believe will be useful.

Performancing Blog Metrics Launches

Nick has just announced the availability of Performancing Mertrics, which he describes as “a professional grade blog statistics service aimed at professional bloggers.”

Quote of the Week: Ev on MSN Branding

This made me laugh out loud… and then cry: