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A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools
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In an effort to replace my home backup server with Amazon’s S3, I’ve been collecting a list of Amazon S3 compatible backup tools to look at.

Replacing my home backup server with Amazon’s S3
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Not too long ago, Amazon released their Simple Storage Service (or “S3″ for short). It provides a hosted storage platform which developers can build all sorts of applications on top of. Smugmug, a popular photo sharing web site, is using it to store and host pictures.

Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Yahoo! Open Hack Day Starts Tomorrow. Well, “tomorrow” means “today” by the time most of you read this.

Yahoo’s Browser Based Authentication Launched

Last night I mentioned that we’d have a few more announcements on the Yahoo! Developer Network today.

Thoughts on my del.icio.us Network

When the del.icio.us team recently added social networking features, I kind of groaned to myself. I didn’t look at it very closely because I was busy and half feared that I’d discover a case of annoying social software and that would make me sad.

People More Interesting than Memes, Echos…

I just spent some time cleaning up my Bloglines subscriptions. I was finishing up my daily ritual of reading various blogs and new sources when I realized how sucky it felt.

Seven Ways to Explicitly Trigger Network Effects

A few weeks ago, Dion Hinchcliffe wrote Creating Web 2.0 Applications: Seven Ways to Fully Embrace the Network which contains some crazy business-speak and some good ideas about making it possible for your applications to harness network effects.

Yahoo! API News: del.icio.us and Answers

From the API news department…

The AOL Search Data and Liquids on Airlines

These are two mostly unrelated thoughts, but that’s what you get some days.

Bloglines Share of Feedburner Numbers?

I know a lot of folks out there use FeedBurner to outsource the hosting and metrics of their RSS feeds. I’ve not done so (yet?) but am curious about one thing.

Ubuntu Linux on Thinkpad T43p: Wow!
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After reading report after report of people using Ubuntu Linux on various flavors of desktop and laptop computers, I’ve finally decided to give it a try.

Thoughts About Working at Yahoo!

A few weeks ago, Matt McAlister wrote Thoughts about working at Yahoo! after one year in which he summarized his favorite and not so favorite things about working there.

Web OS and Changing User Expectations

Back in April when I wrote Rethinking the Web OS from a user’s point of view, I used a lot of words in my attempt to get across a simple point.

Python Developer Center on Yahoo!

Thanks to Simon Willison, we now have a Python Developer Center on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Zawodny On Open Source Citizenship

With a title like “Why Google and Yahoo! can’t be better open source citizens” one might think that our companies were squeezing as much as possible out of the open source world and giving little back.

Sun Should Use apt

It’s funny, when I read Tim Bray saying this:

Should I Learn Python or Ruby Next?

I’ve been programming (when I do program) mainly in Perl for the last 10 years or so. But I’ve been itching to learn a new language for a while now, and the two near the top of the list are Ruby and Python.

JotSpot 2.0 Takes Complexity Out of Wiki

A few weeks ago, Ken gave me early access to the upcoming JotSpot 2.0 so that I could kick the tires a bit.

The Ajaxifiation of Yahoo

Jeffrey Veen, echoing what Mike Arrington said (“Millions of people may have their first interaction with Ajax in the coming days.”), asked Is Ajax ready for prime time?

MySpace vs. Yahoo Mail or Apples vs. Oranges

It’s pretty amusing watching everyone misinterpret the recently released Hitwise data. Claims of “MySpace Bigger than Yahoo!” sure make for good headlines, but only if “good” means “attention grabbing” not “based in reality.”

The Satisfaction of “It Just Worked”

Last week, I asked the question Where does your sense of accomplishment come from? I’m reminded of this because of a related experience I just had.

Where Does Sense of Accomplishment Come From?

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that a sense of accomplishment is pretty important but it’s not always obvious where it comes from.

Yahoo Messenger for Mac Beta Released

I meant to write this up last night but got home a bit too late for that. If you’ve been a suffering with Yahoo! Messenger on your Mac for the last few years, download the new beta and rejoice.

What Should Be in a Yahoo Groups API?
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Back a few months ago when I asked How to revamp Yahoo! Groups?, I got a ton of great comments.