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Denial and Television 2.0: The BitTorrent Effect

If you’re at all interested in copyright, the movie industry, BitTorrent, or Bram Cohen (its creator), I recommend reading The BitTorrent Effect from the January 2005 issue of Wired.

Why do Wiki RSS Feeds Suck?

I’m a not a big fan of Wiki technology, mostly because I find the markup annoying and the random nature of Wiki changes difficult to follow.

Firefox Downloads: 14 million and counting

Asa Dotzler, mozilla.org Staff Member/Driver, has posted a graph and write-up of the Firefox web browser download numbers.

Family Tech Support Recommendations

Ross provides his simple recommendations for the annual family tech support ritual otherwise known as the end of year holidays.

Storage Costs Continue to Drop

After reading the /. story about IBM trying to build a 100TB tape drive, I found myself over on Pricewatch.com …

Google Buying Flickr?

Adam thinks that Flickr will be bought by Google early next year. This isn’t the first “Google wants to buy Flickr” rumor I’ve heard, but it is the first one I’ve seen on a blog.

Slate to thank for hyperlinks?

I’m catching up on e-mail as my flight is delayed in O’Hare and came across the following tidbit about Slate Magazine in the latest Edupage mailing …

Celebrex Lawsuit Demand Driving up Keyword Prices?

According to a post on over on InsideGoogle, “Celebrex Soars, At Least In Ad Dollars”, we learn that …

Comment Spammers Have Blogs
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Would you be surprised to know that some people who work in the search engine industry know who is responsible for a lot of comment spam … I met some of them recently.

The Yahoo Blog Is Not All Recipies

Over on the Unofficial Yahoo Webog … as opposed to my weblog, which is even less Yahoo and less official …

Yahoo News was most cited news source by blogs in 2004

According to Intelliseek, Yahoo News was the most cited news source on blogs in 2004. Congrats to the Yahoo News team …

Some Comment Spammers Have Blogs Too

Would you be surprised to know that some people who work in the search engine industry know who is responsible for a lot of comment spam … I met some of them recently.

Email and Browser URL Extraction and Search via a Personal del.icio.us

A few minutes ago, I needed to send a note to Russell about Yahoo Desktop Search.

Blogging The Microsoft Way

I haven’t said much of anything yet about MSN Spaces, but it’s been amusing to watch the reaction to their lame attempt at censorship of blogs.

Tom Foremski on Google and Yahoo Culture
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It’s interesting that Tom Foremski wrote this today–the day I got to meet him in person …

AOL Got Some Balls

Welcome back to the world of the relevant, AOL. It’s a bold move, but it’s about time you woke up and noticed the World Wide Web.

Emacs Beginner’s Tutorial

Emacs is one of the most popular and powerful text editors used on Linux (and Unix). It is second in popularity only to vi. It is known for it huge feature set, ability to be easily customized, and lack of bugs. It’s large feature set and ability to be customized actually are the result of how Emacs was designed and implemented. Without going into all the details, I’ll simply point out that Emacs isn’t “just an editor”. It is an editor written mostly in the programming language Lisp.