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Reactions to the Pew Study on Search Engine Users

I’m seeing some amusing reactions to the just released Pew study on Search Engine Users. Disclaimer …

What’s your favorite Flickr group?

There aren’t many contributors, but the stuff that shows up there really appeals to my sense of desert scenery.

Tracking Overture Campaigns with Google AdWords

This is really interesting. As Candida writes on Silicon Valley Watcher: Check out Google’s latest …

SUVs Are Keeping Tahoe Blue

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of vehicles I see sporting the Keep Tahoe Blue bumper sticker are SUVs.

Link Condoms Reduce the Risks of Unsafe Linking

And you thought nofollow was the solution to all your linking woes … Not so … The new …

Debugging and Plumbing

As Murphy would have it, I had to visit the DMV today and try to figure out a plumbing problem. In doing so, I realized that good plumbers and good programmers have a lot in common.

The Blogging Community Look Like Idiots

This International Bloggers’ Bill of Rights makes the blogging community look like idiots.

Correction To The internetnews.com Story

In Search Leaders, Bloggers Band to Fight Comment Spam, Susan wrote the following based on an interview with me yesterday …

Reference Tracking Via Technorati, Feedster, and Bloglines

I was listening to the Jan 14th Gilmor Gang a little while ago. This is the first time I’ve listened to the show.

Former Yahoo Employee Blogging From the Jungle

Kalyan was one of the early employees of Yahoo’s Software Development Center in Bangalore, India.

Symantec’s Confusing Anti-Virus Alerts

My company notebook apparently has Symantec AntiVirus installed, ’cause it just popped up an odd dialog box.

FeeBay: Spinning the eBay Price Increases
· 1

I’ve always wondered what journalists have to put up with when trying to write a story about unpopular corporate decisions.

Where Will You Store Your Data?

Over on SiliconBeat, I ran across their How big is Bloglines? story. Before I get into what I really wanted to say …

Windows Mobile, Flickr, MapPoint, AT&T, and Photoblogging

This is interesting. The Windows Mobile team has combined Flickr’s moblogging capabilities with the location data from the AT&T network to produce an interesting technology demo.

Staying Power of the Friendster Post

I’ve noticed a recent spike in hits to my famous Fired for Blogging post, in which I broke the story of Friendster’s stupidest move and tracked the growing coverage for a few days.

The Yahoo Problem

If Dave can call something the “Yahoo Problem” then I can call it the Dave Winer Problem. It’s good way to make sure we see each other’s stuff, huh? :-)

The First 106 Miles

A bit over an hour ago I got home from the first meeting of 106 Miles, which Joyce describes as: a networking group for entrepreneurial engineers in Silicon Valley.

Yahoo Travel is Hiring!

If you’ve ever wanted to work for one of the largest and most popular on-line travel sites, now’s your chance. Yahoo Travel is hiring in a number of areas, including:

Parking Lot Indicatr Photo Group on Flickr

Ross Mayfield (of Ross Mayfield’s Weblog) has started a Parking Lot Indicatr group on Flickr.

Tapping into Tags

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion (also published in WebProNews) gets it. He’s telling folks to watch Flckr tags for their products and such…

Putting the Mac Aside in 2005

Something has been bugging me for the last few months. Though I got my nice new Mac and switched to using it has my main personal desktop/laptop machine, it’s been a frustrating experience at times.

Using mod_rewrite against stupid comment spam bots…

You’d think the comment spammers would be a bit smarter, but apparently not. Over 80% of all attempted spam hits on my site provide no HTTP Referer data.

I Don’t Believe The Search Numbers…

A whole bunch of people at work today asked me if I had seen a recent posting on the Google Blog News Channel: What Search Engines Do Search Engine Companies Use?

I’m with Tim on Podcasting

I was reading Tim Bray’s take on Podcasting a few minutes ago and realized that he’s done a good job of saying what I’ve been trying to figure out how to say for a while now.