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All Your Conlin are Belong to YDN

One of the things that’s helpful about having been at Yahoo more than a few years and having multiple roles during that time is that it provides lots of opportunity to meet lots of people and figure out what they’re good at.

As a by-product, I’ve managed to build up a list of people who constitute my "dream team." These are the people that I wish I could take with me when I move into a new group and/or role. It’s rare that you can get ’em to move since these are also the people who are often quite happy in their roles, but it never stops me from trying.

What is Web 2.0 Anyway?

Later this week I’ll be on a panel at the CRV Leadership Summit in Phoenix. The session title is "Web 2.0: The Opportunities and Challenges of the Next Generation Internet" and will be moderated by John Palfrey.

Gmail’s Normal Spam Filtering Returns

After an extended period of time during which I simply couldn’t trust Gmail’s spam filter to Do The Right Thing, I’m happy to report that for the last few weeks it has been performing exceptionally well.

Yahoo Going Carbon Neutral

At our quarterly all-hands meeting a little while ago, Yahoo co-founders David and Jerry announced that Yahoo is going carbon neutral this year.

Who Gets the Majority of Your On-line Attention?

It just occurred to me that if I look at the on-line services I used most, there’s not really a clear winner when it comes to who gets the bulk of my online attention. Here’s the current list along with the current owner of each (since 3 of the 4 were acquisitions):

Talk is Cheap

On the subject of the recently announced YouTube competitor (which is clearly vaporware at this point), Chris DiBona pens this excellent rant.

Yahoo’s Mail API & Unlimited Storage

I’ll have more to say about some of the larger issues around this in a few days, but now that the embargo has been lifted (damn you, Om Malik), I wanted to point at the pair of announcements from Yahoo! Mail today and yesterday.

Matching Click Numbers for AdSense and MyBlogLog?

In MyBlogLog and AdSense, Dom recounts a discrepancy between his AdSense click data as reported by Google and MyBlogLog.

Current Event Searching on Google and Yahoo

One of the folks over in Yahoo! Search sent me a pointer to Showing Yahoo Some Search Results Love which says, among other things:

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions at the Internet Marketing Monitor, Yahoo generally has much better results for searches based on current events.

And then:

Google – Cultural Digital Archive?

Marc’s The Video Library of Alexandria post on O’Reilly Radar connected a set of dots for me that I can’t believe I never connected on my own.

In that, it certainly seems like an appropriate purchase for Google, much like DejaNews before it.

How to deal with slow HTTP clients?
· 1

Every now and then a bunch of really slow HTTP clients decide to suck down pages off my web site. This is bad because when enough of them do this, it dramatically lowers the number of free Apache processes available to handle requests from the rest of the world.

Bloggers Take Sides on Some Issue

In today’s episode of “bloggers take sides on some issue” I present the Flickr Old Skool Debate.

If Microsoft Bought Yahoo…

[Disclaimer: Though I work at Yahoo and know several Microsoft folks, I have absolutely no insider knowledge related to this post.]

Use Our APIs, We’ll Pimp Your Stuff

In Renkoo visits YDN (part 1) on the YDN blog, you can see the first in a two-part series about Renkoo and how they’re using various Yahoo! APIs in their service.

Integrating MyBlogLog With Yahoo

The MyBlogLog team has been on-site in Sunnyvale most of this week.

OpenID’s Tipping Point

The noise and interest around OpenID, a distributed and open lightweight identity system, has been growing for a few years now, but my sense is that it has dramatically accelerated in recent months.

Did Gmail’s Spam Filtering Freak Out Recently?

While I’ve been a big fan of Gmail for a long time now (especially the spam filtering), earlier this week things really got bad.

Get it Saturday with Amazon

I happened to find myself on the Amazon page for the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack yesterday when I noticed that the bar at the top of the page looked a bit different.

Prayer of Silicon Valley

A little while ago one of my coworkers alerted me to the fact that news vans were showing up on campus. (I’m at our Mission College office right now, just a few miles away.)

Don’t Confuse Blogging With The Echo Chamber

Now and then I see people write about “blogging” when they’re really talking about the less than 1% of blogs that find themselves writing about each other in an almost herd-like and insular fashion sometimes. Often they’ll all devote many bits and bytes to some trivial topic of the moment related to Google, blogging, Microsoft, patents, or government.

You Can Google on Yahoo

In reacting to Google’s Do you “Google?” post, I think Ben Metcalfe speaks for a lot of people. In Google can go shove their lexicographical advice’ up their ass he says:

Sick of Sharing

More precisely, I’m sick of being told to “share” every damned piece of “content” I run across on the Web.

Why APIs?

Given that I helped start the Yahoo! Developer Network and once again spend my days (and some nights) working on it, you should not be shocked to know that I think APIs are pretty important.

Hit Counter 2.0, Or “Web 2.0 Metrics”

Way back in the early days of the Web (you know, before AdSense, blog spam, web mail, and dynamic HTML) were these things called hit counters.