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Marketing Coach, Jeremy Cohen, helps small business owners and professional service providers attract more clients, grow their business and be more successful with his coaching services and free marketing guide: Jumpstart Marketing: More Profits, Clients and Success. Get the FREE guide at: http://www.bettermarketingresults.com/marketing-services.asp
Maximize Attention for Your Small Business

If you have a great product or service that people want you are well on your way to being successful. However, in order to lock in and grow your success you need to maximize the attention your products and services get.

Why Doesn’t My Small Business Web Site Sell?

Many small business owners are disappointed by the ability of their web site to generate new business.

Transforming Problems into Sales

My silent fish tank was no more. Enough water had evaporated to make the filter gurgle. It was highly annoying and I knew I wouldn’t be at ease until it was silent again, so I filled the tank.

Top 5 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads for Your Small Business
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Do you ever wonder if you could be doing a better job marketing your small business or professional service firm? Successfully marketing a small business is hard work. There are several key skills required to consistently develop new business that you, as a small business owner, must master in order to succeed.

Make More Money with Marketing Metrics

Do you know how effective each of your individual marketing tactics is? Many small business owners market in a vacuum. They spend money on brochures, advertisements and web sites with no real way to tie specific results to specific endeavors.

Give Your Web Site a Small Business Marketing Tune Up

Your web site is like your car. Both are significant investments that require the right features and regular and proper maintenance to ensure maximal satisfaction and performance.

Are You Using a Chess or Checkers Marketing Strategy?

Until the day I learned to play chess I loved playing checkers. Both games require a strategy that maximizes a player’s ability to capture her opponents pieces without first losing her own.

Small Business Marketing: Are You Using a Net or s Spear?

When I was back in college, over a decade ago, I decided that when I was done I would run off to Alaska and work in the fishing industry.