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Jennifer Rice is the founder and chief strategist at Fruitful Strategy (www.fruitfulstrategy.com). She has extensive experience in brand/marketing strategy, market/customer research, customer experience design and channel support. Jennifer also writes the Fruitful blog (www.fruitfulstrategy.com/blog) which offers insights on aligning brand and business with social impact.

I was recently interviewed for publication on the subject of giveaways… it was an interesting discussion so I thought I’d reproduce my responses here… There are 3 basic giveaway strategies that I can see: short-term promotion, long-term product and industry shake-up.

Good Blog Consultants Are More Than Implementers

I’ve gotten a couple comments and emails on my last article that I want to address. The first one is: There seems to be a built-in assumption in your article that “blog consultants” are just implementers.

Brand Humanity Webinar Series

What are blogs, and how do they relate to our business? Can you make money blogging…

Most Americans Not Familiar With Blogs

According to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, relatively few Americans are familiar with the phenomenon of blogging.

Co-creating With Customers

Reveries has a great article about several companies that are co-creating products with their customers.

Weird? Baskin Robbins Celebrates Yahoo!’s 10th Birthday…

Yahoo!’s 10th birthday is today. To celebrate, they’re giving away… a scoop of ice cream, courtesy of Baskin Robbins.

Link Policy and Building Traffic
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I’m getting enough emails for reciprocal link exchanges that I thought I’d take a moment to write out my link policy here on my blog.

Pick A Niche and Own It

Had a one-day branding session with a client yesterday. Small company, lots of potential. They wisely selected a niche market to target initially, because they’re in a crowded space.

We Love Linux, Google, And Apple

Just for fun, I started typing in “I hate (brand)” in Google to see what comes up. I then got curious about the findings for “I love (brand).”

I hate Comcast … (Jennifer Rice)

I normally don’t rant about negative experiences on my blog, but I’m hoping that my little post about how much I hate Comcast will bubble up high in Google rankings and that SOMEBODY at that company might think about improving their customer experience.

Is Apple losing its cool?

PSFK suggests that Apple’s losing its cool. Interesting, I just had a conversation about this a few weeks ago.