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Jennifer Rice is the founder and chief strategist at Fruitful Strategy (www.fruitfulstrategy.com). She has extensive experience in brand/marketing strategy, market/customer research, customer experience design and channel support. Jennifer also writes the Fruitful blog (www.fruitfulstrategy.com/blog) which offers insights on aligning brand and business with social impact.
Brand Positioning
Five words or less. Use consumer language, not "clientese." Follow the 4D rule. These are a few of my guidelines for writing positioning statements that are compelling and executable.

  • Five words or less. See if you can write your own tagline that clearly captures the essence of your brand. And don’t whine and say that’s a copywriter’s job… if you can’t boil down the brand essence into a short, memorable phrase, chances are a copywriter can’t either. It’s not a quick and easy process, but it pays off. 
Relationships Between Clients and Agencies
I read in the WSJ a couple days ago that agency/client relationships are becoming harder to sustain… not surprising as marketers are under increasing pressure to drive results. In the good old days, clients were happy with increases on brand awareness and preference metrics. But given that the average tenure of CMOs at top-branded companies is only 23 months, there’s an intense pressure to demonstrate results – fast – and often at the expense of the brand and its customers. 

Simple Question: Who Else Can Win?

I’ve been writing about companies who are committed to making a difference. I think the issue boils down to a very simple question: “Who else can win?”

Branding: Words and Meanings

I’ve been thinking about brands that are making a difference in our lives and society, and I used the term “worthwhile brand” to define them.

Trying to be Cool

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in marketing articles lately: big brands trying to be cool.

Grassroots Innovation

Microsoft is the latest company to capitalize on the “customer-made” trend. According to the Mercury News, any game enthusiast can now create video games for the Xbox 360 video console.

Branding: Focus or Flexibility?

My last post, Positioning for Extinction, stirred up quite a debate. Laura Reis, a big proponent of highly focused brands, suggested that Weber stick to charcoal grills and launch a new brand for gas grills.

Branding: Positioning for Extinction?

I just came across Laura Reis’ post about why Weber should limit their brand name to charcoal grills (excluding gas) and I just have to disagree.

Co-creation vs. Customization

Thanks to some very insightful comments on my recent Co-creation post by Drew, James and David, we’ve hashed out the difference between co-creation and customization.

Co-Creation 2

Continuing the conversation about co-creation, here was my definition of it last year on Brandshift.

Soft Underbellies

Tim Manners writes about the “vulnerable soft underbellies” of Apple and NetFlix in a recent Fast Company article.

Cancer Mosaic

A friend of mine started a very cool fundraising site benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The Backlash has Started…

against social networking. That was fast!

Maslow & Branding: Last 3

We’re almost to the end of the series on Maslow and Branding. I’ll wrap up the last three needs in Maslow’s hierarchy here, and then we’ll look at how they all interact in social networks.

Sucking up

Guy Kawasaki thinks that sucking up to bloggers is a great idea. Om Malik and Michael Arrington disagree.

Maslow & Branding: Aesthetics

OK, back to the series on Maslow and Branding. So far I’ve written about Security & Connection, Esteem and Control; these four have the most relevance to the widest audience.

How Important is the Brand?

I’m going to interrupt my series on Maslow & Branding to chime in on a debate between Tom Asacker and Laura Ries.

Maslow and Branding: Esteem

Yesterday we looked at Security and Connection, the two most foundational needs (above basic survival) on Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Maslow and Branding

Remember back in your Psych 101 class when you learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Bet you never expected to see it again in the business world, but… ta da!


I just started reading “The World is Flat” last night and was struck by this quote by David Schlesinger, who heads Reuters America:

Interview with Sam Decker

I had a nice email chat with the always-insightful Sam Decker this weekend.

Brand Innovation

John Winsor wrote over on BrandShift a couple weeks ago titled “Ignore the Consumer?”.

In Defense of Buzzwords

Adrian Savage track-backed to my last post on Processes to People. He remarks in his commentary…

A Bloggers Reinvention

After 18 months of writing about branding and marketing, I hit the point of burn-out. So I’m making some changes that I hope will keep me interested and engaged in the blogosphere.