About Jeff Thull

Jeff Thull, CEO of Prime Resource Group, is a leading edge sales and marketing strategist. He has designed programs for companies like Shell Global Solutions, Seimens, Microsoft, and Georgia-Pacific. Jeff is author of best selling books Mastering the Complex Sale and The Prime Solution, and his latest book Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales. To download Chapter One visit http://www.primeresource.com, 1.800.876.0378.
Sales Challenges that Prevent Executive Level Access

With the complexity of today’s business solutions and their far-reaching affects, more often than not senior level executives are actively involved in the process of assessing the issues and their options.

Stop Margin Erosion at the Point of Sale

What do you do when faced with a potential customer who is relentlessly insisting on a discount?

The Three Traps of Selling Conventionally in a Complex New World

Prospect, qualify, present and close. These are the basic elements of the conventional sales process that most sales organizations and salespeople still follow today.

The Science and Art of Go For The No Selling

Trying to make a complex sale? You must help a customer calculate the cost of his problem . . . and always be willing to walk away.

Sales and Marketing Strategies for Era 3

How To Leverage Value To Win-And Keep-Profitable Customers.