About Jeff Horsager

I am a copywriter who specializes in online and direct marketing. Direct response is my strength, but I also do SEO Copywriting. Send me an email if you're looking for a copywriter.I do online sales letters, ppc ad campaigns, landing pages, press releases, and email marketing campaigns. Offline I write sales letters and direct response copy.Beyond writing copy, I am interested in testing and analytics. I'm from the Claude Hopkins school of scientific advertising. If you can measure it, you can improve it.


The Power of Narrative (Consuming Desire)
It’s well accepted in marketing that people buy on emotion. They purchase on emotion, and then justify the purchase with logic. As Barry Feig puts it in his book Hot Button Marketing:

People don’t buy products and services, they buy the satisfaction of unmet needs. 

Lies, Damn Lies & Click Fraud Stats
Fair Isaac Corporation (FIC), a company with years of experience detecting fraud, recently turned their sights on click fraud.  FIC, who in the past has dealt with credit and insurance fraud, issued a press release with some early findings.  They report click fraud rates in the range of 10 to 15 percent.  But wait, it gets better…

Marketers will Increase Social Networking Spending
Direct Marketing News is reporting on an eMarketer report entitled “Social Network Marketing: Where to Next?"  With a second mortgage you may be able to read the report yourself, until then the eMarketer summary will have to suffice. 

Google Patents Profiling of Online Gamers
In March Google acquired the in-game advertising technology firm Adscape Media. Though some have their doubts, advertising within video games is seen as an effective way to reach the coveted demographic of men 18-34. According to Google:

Tracking Campaign Metrics with Excel
Analytics programs are great, but they can quickly have you drowning in a sea of numbers.  Generating lots of data isn’t very helpful if that data isn’t actionable.  You need information that gives insights that you can feed back into your campaign.  One way to tame your data is to massage it into a spreadsheet.

SMS Marketing and Qtags
No one would deny that mobile marketing shows huge potential.  But right now the space is so crowded and chaotic, it’s hard to know where to direct your efforts.  SMS (short message service) marketing is one thing to consider.  Qtags makes it possible to get a text messaging campaign up and running quickly, and without investing in your own short code or back end application.

About Google Website Optimizer

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  The promise of scientific advertising, marketing with measurable results, is now available to anyone.  Anyone can Increase conversion rates with the Google Website Optimizer.  Any website that has conversion as a goal will benefit tremendously by engaging in testing using this tool.