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Jayesh Jain is working as applications consultant for a health company in Auckland, New Zealand. He has several years of n-Tier development experience and is currently working with Visual Basic.NET to develop interactive client solutions. He has a passion for Web development and in the spare time he likes to write articles. Contact him at: jainjayesh74@yahoo.com
An Alternative to Perl: Shell Scripting With PHP
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I know that you all want to get rid of Perl Scripts because of their complexity and the fact that Perl is not an easy language to learn. With the introduction of PHP version 4.2, PHP has started supporting a new SAPI (Server Application Programming Interface) called CLI (Command Line Interface). This facility was introduced to help developers create small shell application (scripts) with PHP, meaning that you can kiss Perl goodbye forever!

Watching Folder Activity in VB .NET

Have you ever wanted to write an application which constantly monitors a folder and raises events when there is any activity in that folder? In the good old days using VB6 or older you had to use windows APIs to do something like this, which was not very simple and required lots of coding. The Microsoft .NET Framework has introduced classes like System.IO and System.Diagnostics, which contains the FileSystemWatcher class which can raise events when a file is created, renamed, updated or deleted from the specified folder or any other activities.