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Jay Fougere is the IT manager for the iEntry network. He also writes occasional articles. If you have any IT questions, please direct them to Jay@ientry.com.
Basic Security for Your End Users

The first thing that I see as a problem usually does not involve expert cracking. Freely available on the internet are many programs that focus on specific vulnerabilities in a particular operating system, protocol or other feature of your network. Most cracks involve something as simple as a Trojan horse, which will leave a backdoor account open to the cracker. Young teenagers have been known to utilize such tools effectively, even against some corporate giants.

Setting Up A Secure Internet/Intranet Network

The needs of businesses and their networks are evolving daily. Even in this time of recession, many corporations that have not previously had an Internet presence are considering such a presence to increase sales, service and customer support. Many small, static websites are being upgraded to offer all kinds of dynamic information. We have almost fully entered the information age.

A Small Review of Some Cisco Certification Materials

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the box containing these materials was the quality of what I had received. Anyone who has bought Microsoft Official Curriculum knows that, if you are lucky, you will receive paperback books and, if you are not lucky, you will receive your materials in a three ring binder (that you have to assemble!).

Wireless LAN

To bring those of you up to date on how WLAN technology works, let me give a brief overview. The version of WLAN that I am referring to is radio wave based and defined by IEEE 802.11b.

Why Active Directory?

Many Windows NT Administrators are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 2000. What additional functionality does Windows 2000 offer over Windows NT? The answer to this can be summed up in two words: Active Directory.

Industry Trends: Plug & Play

Technological advances over the years have driven the manufacturers of information technology products and systems to add “plug & play” features into their systems as much as possible. The industry direction has been to lower the level of technical knowledge/skills required for system installations and configurations. However, the by-product of this has been to add a tremendous amount of overhead into all aspects of networking.

Quality MCSE Materials

OK, you’ve decided it has been long enough. You are ready to take the plunge. You are going to get that MCSE that you have been talking about for so long. Great!! Now, where do you begin?

Wireless LAN, Man

First, let me explain that the wireless LAN technology that I am referring to is radio based, not Infra-Red (IR) or Microwave. The IR version requires “line of sight”, as does the microwave version, which I consider to be a major drawback.

Your Site: Hackers Welcome Here?

In our last issue, we discussed some of the basics for securing a machine on a network. The tactics that were mentioned are great for a first line of defense and will prevent a majority of attacks. In this issue, we will look a little closer at some of the most common TCP/IP ports that are used, the services that are generally run on these ports and what this means to you.