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Datastructures and algorithms, Part 1

This article initiates a two-part series that explores two important computer science topics: datastructures and algorithms.

Java FTP client libraries reviewed

This article explains how to write FTP client code in Java using available libraries. It compares an exhaustive list of FTP libraries, presents pros and cons of each library, and helps decision makers choose the most appropriate one for their needs.

Java Tip 136: Protect Web application control flow

Web application designers and programmers often face situations where a form submission must be protected against a rupture in the normal control flow sequence. This situation typically occurs when a user clicks more than once on a submit button before the response is sent back or when a client accesses a view by returning to a previously bookmarked page.

The first taste of Liberty: Sign on once, log in everywhere

What annoys you most on the Web today? For me, having to remember dozens of Website usernames and passwords surely surpasses all other inconveniences. Whether you wish to chat on JavaWorld’s forums or keep up with the news on your favorite current affairs Website, chances are you will be asked at some point to enter your username and password.

Secure Web services

Security is important for any distributed computing environment. But, security is becoming even more important for Web services due to the following reasons: