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J. Regina is a full-time Real Estate Marketing Coordinator with a heavy background in Journalism. She volunteers for a crisis response center in her local area and feels that everyone should give back in some way, shape, or form. As for writing, with freedom of speech running rampant over the internet, it's her duty to offset the imbalance of ridiculous posting across the world.
Amanda Bynes’ Case To Be Dismissed

The Hollywood pop star will be able to deal with her issues in a much better situation than spending time in jail to deal with her reckless endangerment charge. The once famous child actress has been given the opportunity to …

Home Security Systems: It’s All Good ‘Til It’s Hacked Home Security Systems: It’s All Good ‘Til It’s Hacked
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Home security systems have been flooding the news lately. With the Top Home Security Systems website naming FrontPoint Security once again the #1 system based on it’s great customer service and their use of the latest technology to battle against …

Central African Republic Receiving More Troops Central African Republic Receiving More Troops
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Muslim and Christian militia in Bossangoa, Central African Republic have agreed to put down their weapons according to CNN. This news of temporary peace comes after days of extreme violence between the group. A battle that has already left hundreds …

Beats Headphones: What’s Next? Beats Headphones: What’s Next?

Remember these? At first glance they seem to be a genuine knockoff of our current futuristic Beats headphones by Dre. But they’re not. As a matter of fact, that photo should take many back to a time when snickers were …

Paul Crouch: His Replacement Better Be Sincere
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As you know, Paul Crouch, famed televangelist and co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network passed away yesterday from degenerative heart failure. He had been battling the condition for two years. The history of televangelism is a rocky one so it …

Xbox Games: Free at a Cost For Those With Defective Consoles

While many are enjoying their brand new Xbox One with all its bells and whistles, some are having mixed feelings about their faulty gifts and Microsoft’s solution. In the past week it has become extremely clear that a fair share …

Rod Blagojevich’s Win Not Likely To Scare Prosecution

Even though ex Ill Governor Rod Blagojevich will get another chance to plead his case, the prosecution has made it fully aware that they have no intention of letting the conviction be overturned in their 169 page response motion calling …