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Java Advanced Imaging and JAI Image I/O

Sun Microsystems has posted two new projects, Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) and JAI Image I/O Tools to java.net.

SATSA Provides Security Features for Java Applications

Esmertec announced a collaboration with Gemplus International S.A., the world’s largest provider of smart card solutions, to integrate Gemplus’ SIM-based implementation of the SATSA standard, SIM2METM (SIM to Mobile Equipment), into Esmertec’s Jbed platform.

Javalobby Deploys Resin Application Server

Caucho Technology announced that Javalobby has deployed their site on Resin application server.

InstallShield X Wins Best Installation Tool

Macrovision announced that InstallShield X won “Best Installation Tool” in both the 2004 Java Pro Readers’ Choice Awards and the 2004 Delphi Informant Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

Sun Java Tool for Mac and x86 Developers

Sun Microsystems has made available the latest version of its breakthrough visual development environment, Sun Java Studio Creator.

Java Workforce Management Terminal

Evolved from Control Module’s trademark modularity and reliability, Genus (named after the Greek term “genus,” meaning a new species) is the first workforce management terminal that offers a JAVA programming environment.

Java Open Source CRM/SFA Project

CentraView announced the upcoming release of the first feature-complete Java Open Source Contact Management, SFA and CRM software project.

J2EE Connector Architecture

There’s a new adapter that adds a new standard as another option for Integrating Enterprise Java Applications.

Enterprise-class Transaction Tracing for .NET and J2EE Environments

Tonic WebLens, which provides enterprise-class transaction tracing for .NET and J2EE environments, now offers the added capability of allowing organizations to automatically compare complete J2EE or .NET transaction traces.

WAP and Java Solutions Enable Porting of Mission Critical Data

Navara released two new products designed to deploy mobile enterprise applications to users of BlackBerry from Research In Motion.

CDMA Americas Congress Announces Driving Mobile Data Services Adoption With Java Workshop

Hosted By Sun Microsystems, Attendees Will Gain Insights On How To Increase Wireless Data Service Revenue With Java.

JBoss Joins Eclipse Foundation to Contribute to J2EE Standard Tools Project

Two of the Most Successful Open Source Communities Collaborate to Better Integrate J2EE Development Tools and Middleware.

Day Implements Content Repository API for Java Technology (JCR) to the Apache Software Foundation

Day today announced that it has made available an implementation of the Content Repository API for Java Technology (JCR) to the Apache Software Foundation in order to further promote industry adoption and collaboration of the JSR 170 standard.

JBoss Announces Availability of JBoss Application Server 4.0

Now Certified J2EE-Compatible, JBoss 4.0 is a Safe Choice for Commercial Deployment; First Aspect Oriented System to Implement Enterprise-Class Services for Any Java Object.

ObjectStore to Release ObjectStore Version 6.2

Support for Java Data Objects, Schema Modification Services and 64-Bit Linux Enhances Accessibility and Flexibility in Production Environments.

People All Over the World Leverage Oracle Application Server’s J2EE Capabilities

Major Industrial Conglomerates and Government Agencies use Oracle’s J2EE and Business Integration Features.

Sun Java System Application Server 8 Platform Edition – Developers’ Platform of Choice

Borland, Computer Associates, Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Quest Software Leverage Sun’s Platform to Broaden the Ecosystem for Enterprise Developers.

Nokia and Vodafone Aim to Simplify Mobile Java Standards

Mobile industry leaders create specifications for open unified mobile Java services architecture.

Thomas Weisel Partners LLC Deploys CPR using Fitech Laboratories’ xTier

xTier 2.0 for Java expedites the implementation of robust, fault tolerant automated clearance data processing system.