About Jason Mangrum

Jason Mangrum is CEO of ImmWebDesign.com, a Joint Venture specialist, contributing author to such #1 bestsellers as "The E-Code", "Desperate for Money", "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success", author of "The Path of Manifestation" and creator of the "Instant Marketing Miracle - Automated Joint Venture Software." He has also been a featured speaker at prestigous events such as Marc Goldman's "Joint Venture Summit of the Century" and the world-famous "Spiritual Marketing Super Summit."
The 5 Biggest Mistakes Almost All Web Designers Make

Huge Mistake #1: Creating a Website with Flash — Did you know in a recent study, top internet marketers discovered that having a website created with Flash, actually DECREASED the response from prospects and customers by as much as three-hundred-and-seventy percent?

The Truth About Joint Ventures: How to Eliminate Your Competition By Making Money From Them

I’m sick and tired of getting hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Joint Venture proposals per week, all claiming the same thing…