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Jason is a wireless and open source developer enthusiast who enjoys creating synergy and sharing knowledge in the software development world. To learn more about him visit his personal site at http://www.jasonlam604.com/
Introduction to Bluetooth and J2ME Part 2
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In Part 1 we went over the basics of Bluetooth technology and some possible development opportunities Bluetooth gives us. Part 2 of this article goes into a little more detail how to create a Bluetooth server and client.

Introduction to Bluetooth and J2ME
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This article goes through the introduction of what is Bluetooth and what you can do with Bluetooth. Both technical aspects of Bluetooth and development tools will be briefly introduced to you; however we will not go into great detail or specifically how to develop a Bluetooth application.

Kick Start J2ME (TM) Development with BlackBerry

If you are looking to expand your user base, you may want to consider looking into porting your game or application to the BlackBerry handsets.

J2ME and Unicode
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If you’ve ever run into problems faced with multi-lingual text differences, Jason’s latest article will solve just that. Learn how to make use of Unicode character-sets when developing in a J2ME-based environment, where you’ll more than likely have a need to develop MIDlets in multiple languages.

PHP CLI and Cron
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In this article, Jason will explain what CLI and Cron are and how to use them together within the PHP environment.

PHP, XML and XSL for Wireless Content

This article is another illustration of why using PHP with XSL to transform XML data to various presentation layers is beneficial. With that being said this article will demonstrate how to present the same data to several different wireless technologies using PHP and XSL, instead of an article completely focused on PHP and XSL.

Introduction to Design Patterns Using PHP

What are Design Patterns

Design Patterns are simply defined solutions to common problems. Design patterns are not created by someone who sits in a room and decides to make a design pattern instead design patterns are proven solutions that are implemented over and over again through different projects. This re-use of the solution itself becomes a pattern. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy names given to design patterns, such as faade, singleton or observer, they are exactly that just fancy names given to repeatable solutions.

PHP Interacting with J2ME
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You my have noticed in last year or two there has been an increasing boom in technology in the area of mobile handsets and mobile software development. Wireless technology is not only becoming more commonplace, but also more affordable. To support this even further, a survey released by IDC projected revenues in wireless gaming alone will generate approximately 72.2 million by 2007. Along side with mobile gaming there will be an ever-increasing demand for mobile applications.

Considerations for Mobile Game Development

More and more J2ME handsets are being deployed world wide by all major cellular carriers and are supported by mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. There will be if not already a huge demand in mobile development, one of these key areas undoubtly is mobile gaming.

With that being said this tutorial will give you a brief introduction in developing games using J2ME (Java MicroEdition), visit Sun MicroSystems for further details at http://wireless.java.sun.com.

J2ME – Using Ant with J2ME

What is Ant
Apache Ant is an open source Java based build tool under the Apache Software License. Essentially Ant is to Java like make is to C/C++. It helps you to proficiently organize your code from build, test, deploy and execute. As well assist in multiple levels in debugging or optimization, custom packaging and is easily configurable when interfacing with 3rd party tools such as obfuscators. More infomation on Ant can be found at the Ant website, http://ant.apache.org.