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Link Reform To The Rescue

Okay, I can’t wait any longer. I’ve had this in the works for a couple months and now that Andy started a similar thread I am forced to release my findings.

Blog Ads On Rough Times? I Don’t Think So!

MediaPost ran a story about one blogger [Evan Coyne Maloney] who’s having a difficult time getting ads he feels are “meant for his conservative audience” …

Role Reversal: Blogs Start Advertising

In an interesting twist today, MarketingVox [an online blog covering the advertising and media buying industry] rand an ad in the eMarketer newsletter.

Google Scandal On 60 Minutes

Jason Kottke is reallly hot under the collar after the 60 minutes piece on Google last night. He’s upset because 60 minutes used the following quote from John Battelle…

Microsoft Will Never Catch Google

One reason Microsoft will never catch Google in the search race is because Microsoft isn’t a verb.

Matt Cutts On Google Suggests

Today I used the new Google Suggests tool to perform a vanity check on my name. When typing in “Jason Dow” I soon realized that the results …

The Power Of The Blog

Fantastic piece by Fortune on the power of the blog. It’s a rather long read but if you have time I give it 2 thumbs way up.

MicroStartups, For Publishers Blogger Makes Them Easy

I’ve been rattling this thought around my head for the past few months but just decided to make it publicly accessible.

Yet Another Sign Blogs Are Here To Stay
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Dave Sifry’s excited about the first ever Technorati User Group (TUG) meeting to be held tonight in SF. So that’s actually SFTUG to be proper.

Microsoft Acquires Anti Spyware Company

This is pretty interesting, seems as though Microsoft has acquired an anti-spyware company noone’s ever heard of.

Online Directories Need More Consumer Input

A story by MediaPost points out the need for online directories to incorporate ratings, reviews and social networking elements to draw consumers (traffic) to their sites.

Semantic Web for Toddlers

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog. Well, I’ve been in firefighter mode at work and honestly haven’t had time to give much insight on the current events affecting the search / marketing industry.

Search Revenues & Conversions Nearly Triple After Thanksgiving

A note in the MediaPost column discusses the recent rise in revenue for marketers advertising in search engines …

Google’s Secret Branding Power Is Inspiration

Battelle talks about Google’s UK engineer recruiting tour and the Easter Eggs being laid down by Urs Hlzle of Google …

Monetizing Blogs
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There’s lots of talk these days about making money with blogs. Some of its solid information with factual research to back it up but some of it’s just pure rubbish. One thing that’s unclear though is how advertisers can unobtrusively and effectively get their product placed on a blog their target audience reads.

Spyware Removal Software Sales Exploding

I thought a post this morning from eMarketer was quite timely since I spent a good portion of time last night removing spyware from my brother-in-law’s pc.

Experienced Travelers Don’t Use Search Engines

MediaPost released some data about online travel searches and how only .47% of all online travel traffic is coming from the major travel search engines.

Microsoft Crawling Google Results For New Search Engine?
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I was questioned today by a developer who was watching a particular IP address scan his site. The IP was and is registered to Microsoft Corp. located at One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington 98052. This visitor was not sending the normal header information associated with a crawler to the web server such as an http robot name or identifying info or even a browser name.