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Jason Dowdell is a technology entrepreneur and operates the Marketing Shift blog.
What Are Gateway Technologies?

Gateway technologies entice curious onlookers who are afraid of the ramifications of using or purchasing new technology because of the possible side effects of doing so [just like gateway drugs].

Exxon Mobile SpeedPass Hack via RFID

Tired of paying for gas … Are you a geek with a laptop, knowledge of the Texas Instruments RFID spec and live near an Exxon Mobile gas station equipped with SpeedPass …

Wanted: One Enterprise Applications Blogger

I was talking to Alorie Gilbert from CNet yesterday about the relationship between bloggers and journalists.

ColdFusion BlackStone – Beta Is The New Black

The Macromedia Blackstone project is currently in beta testing. For those of you that don’t know, Blackstone is the latest version of ColdFusion MX.

Tech Brother In Iraq On Reuters

For those of you that know me, you know my brother Jonah is in Iraq with his Marine Recon battalion.

Become Crawler Info For Webmasters

A few days ago I told you about the new Become shopping search engine and gave you a glimpse at what you can expect from it.

Yahoo Leading Local Search?

From Technology Review magazine comes a post about how Yahoo has the biggest head start in the local search field as well …

Pew Internet Search Engine User Study Data

Pew / Internet released a report January 23rd about internet search engine users. The title of the report is Internet Searchers Are Confident, satisfied and trusting – but they are also unaware and naive.

Mac Mini Colo Rack

Ever dream about building a cluster of 5 mini-itx computers to run the world’s smallest search engine ,,, Well I have.

Nooked – SimpleFeed Competitor?

I saw an AdSense listing on my blog the other day about a company called Nooked. At first glance they appear to do the exact same thing …

CNET: All Glory No Guts

CNet announced that it’s providing TrackBack support for all of it’s news stories now. However, they didn’t say anything about linking to relevant sites from within their stories.

Google Video Search Implications

The Kelsey Group has brought to light some interesting implications regarding recent advancements in the video search world and I think they need to be read.

CNet Trackback Spam Is Now Well Underway

I told you people were going to start spamming it. We’ll see if CNet’s new trackback policy is worth the IT headaches it’s going to cause.

Become Shopping Search PreLaunch

When I talked about Michael Yang’s new search engine I didn’t give much detail as to what it would do, how it was put together, what made it unique and so forth.

GM Teaser Campaign’s Secret Message

When I read Tig’s post about there being a hidden message in GM’s outdoor billboard campaign, my brain switched into Ralphie …

Re: Firefox The IE Killer

I got the following email from someone that doesn’t like FireFox. Honestly, I had to pick myself up off the floor because I was laughing so hard.

Firefox: The IE Killer

Yes, you heard it here first. If Internet Explorer doesn’t make some serious changes in short order they’ll face certain extinction to the hands of Firefox. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious?

Killing Blog Comment Spam

Steve Rubel posted today about a technique Google’s supposedly testing out that will remove the incentive for comment spammers.

Oracle Layoffs Confirmed
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A few days ago I went on a rant about Oracle having layoffs and that some of my friends would probably be losing their jobs.

Google Small Business Search
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This is awesome. Google has released a search appliance geared towards small businesses. From Reuters …

Yahoo Baby
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Not sure what to think about this one but I guess a couple has decided to name their baby Yahoo. I don’t think they’re using the “!” so it shouldn’t be a trademark infringement :)

Is SEMPO Dead? SMA-NA Says You’re Fired!

There’s a new kid on the North American search engine marketing block and it’s has a target painted on the back of SEMPO. Several folks are talking about the story.

Oracle Laying Off Friends

Usually I don’t post stuff that’s off topic but this calls for it. For those of you that don’t know, Oracle is merging with PeopleSoft and there are going to be massive layoffs on Friday.

New Craigslist Real Estate Listing Fee

In a story from MediaPost, CraigsList is considering charging a fee for real estate listings. Here are a couple blurbs from their story.