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Jeremy Allaire Launches BrightCove

I found a real gem in my inbox from Jeremy Allaire this morning. He just launched BrightCove, a company he’s been working on in secrecy over the past year.

Conversation With Robin Hopper Of iUpload

I honestly can’t remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday of this week but I had a great conversation with Robin Hopper, the CEO of iUpload.

VOIP and IVR Enterprise Blog Solution

Voxeo Corporation provides standards based, hosted and customer premise IVR solutions.

Lycos Dating Search Engine – Huge Mistake!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many things are wrong with Lycos’ dating search engine business model.

Magazine Publishing Portal Launching

Magazine Launch, a new resource dedicated to new magazine publishing Magazine Launch publisher resource site. entrepreneurs has been ‘launched’ by infoswell.

Michael Yang of Become On MarketWatch

Michael Yang of Become.com emailed me a few minutes ago to let me know he was interviewed by MarketWatch this afternoon.

Rumors Inflate Bloglines Acquisition Price

A confidential source told me last week Ask Jeeves didn’t pay anywhere near the $50 million dollars some speculate they did.

Firefox Hits 25 Million Downloads – Extended Coverage

I know I’m late on this but I honestly didn’t haveDownload Firefox Now! time to post it yesterday at all. I wanted to post the email I received from SpreadFirefox’s Blake Ross regarding the good news

Accessibility Branding Strategy

Lately I’ve been thinking about css based layouts and how everyone and their brother are jumping on the css bandwagon.

MSN Search For Pizza In Redmond

Seattle PI reports about an advertisement MSN Search ran on a vehicle that showed the phrase “pizza in Redmond” in search box.

Become’s Got Talent

I was really surprised when Michael told about a couple new hires they’ve recently brought aboard.

Confirmed: AskJeeves Acquired Bloglines

The owner/founder of Bloglines [Mark Fletcher] confirms the acquisition rumors on his blog this morning. Here’s the post from Mark’s blog.

Good Bloggers Keep Secrets

Scoble says bloggers can and do keep secrets and I whole heartedly agree. He was responding to a claim by Frank Barnako …

Google Allegra Update

Word has it Google’s dancin again and the latest Google update is dubbed Allegra. I don’t follow how / why these updates are given their names but so far it’s looking decent.

Ask Jeeves Acquires BlogLines – What Others Are Saying

Supposedly the bloglines acquistion by Ask Jeeves rumor is true but it wasn’t going to be announced until Monday or Tuesday.

API Business Model

You already know API’s are taking off but here’s some more proof from someone other than myself.

Yahoo YQ Contextual Search Rocks

The new Yahoo contextual search feature [dubbed Y!Q] rocks! It’s like vivisimo without all the annoying crap getting in the way of your search and there’s no flash to bog down your pc. Clean and simple interface that doesn’t require any downloads and allows you to drill down into search results in an easy to use manner.

Interview:Thunderstone VP Doran Howitt

A few weeks ago I put up a post about the Google Small Business Search Appliance. I listed it’s pros and cons and thought Google had come up with a pretty decent product.

Crack Google AdWords Get 100 Million Dollars

So some billionaire has offered $100 million to the first person that can crack the Google AdWords algorithm…

Firefox MarketShare Still Increasing

I received an email from NetApplications this am with a blurb about the browser wars. Firefox is contiuing to gain marketshare on IE.

International Search Engine Usage Trend

In another story from HitsLink…International Search Engine Referrals Out Pace Domestic.

Google Adds Local Tab To Homepage

So Google changed their homepage again, they added the “Local” tab to the search interface.

Laptop Use Increased While Watching TV

Well, I don’t have a study to that proves my theory [more people are using their laptops while watching tv] but I know it’s true in my house.

Marketing Conference Mashup

You’d think they’d realize their target audiences can’t be in 3 places at the same time, haha, event planners… gotta love em.